Arms or Fury? Battle or Berserker?

I’ve been leveling my Warrior with an Arms spec but when I finally hit level 60 yesterday I decided to re-spec and try out the Fury tree. OK, I admit it, as much as I loved Arms the lure of Titan’s Grip was too much for me – I just had to give dual wielding two-handed swords a shot… and yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

The problem is, I’m not sure which spec is better or what they are both meant to be used for. Seems like Arms is designed for using two-handed weapons whereas Fury is for dual-wielding as the abilities do fixed damage based on attack power (Bloodthrist) rather than percetange based on weapon damage (Mortal Strike). I can’t help but wonder if I’m actually shooting myself in the foot and losing dps by switching to Fury.

Arms also seems to suit Battle Stance perfectly which was good for soloing. Rend was improved to do increased dmg plus allow the activation of Overpower. Overpower was boosted to have a 50% crit chance (plus I used a glyph to allow it’s use if my enemy parried) and all my critical strike bonuses were increased and caused bleeding dmg. Throw in an instant attack with Mortal Strike and Sweeping Strikes and Bladestorm for handling adds and you’ve got some very nice combinations going on. I think I’m going to miss Arms.

Fury seems more complicated and confusing to me. Should I use Battle Stance or Berserker Stance? I’m kinda reluctant to use Berserker as I lose out on Charge, Rend and Overpower, three very useful skills. Rampage doesn’t seem to be as good as Mortal Strike because it’s dmg isn’t based off weapon dmg (not so good when using two-handed weapons) and I can only using Cleave or Whirlwind for multiple opponents, the latter requiring me to switch stance mid-fight, something I’m not used to.

However, I have the feeling that Fury will become incredibly powerful after level 70 or so as I start putting points into Arms alongside it. Dual-wielding two-handed swords with Impale and Deep Wounds seems pretty sick.

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