WoW Talent System

I like WoW’s talent system, a lot more than I thought I would in fact. It’s so simple and clear compared to EQ2s AA system which is now becoming bloated and messy after so many expansions. I really like the definitive nature of the WoW talent trees, each offering a different way of specialising and playing your character. Unlike other MMOs, in WoW you are a ‘Shadow’ Priest or a ‘Restoration’ Druid and your talents really make a difference to your character and the way you play.

The big downside to all of this though is that you’re severely shoehorning your character. For instance, my Warrior is Fury spec’d which, while a lot of fun, means I’m focused on DPS and I’m completely unable to tank for groups. I’d face the same problem if I went down the Arms tree so the only viable option for me is to spec Protection if I want to tank. And the problem with that is if I spec Protection I’ll be dramatically reducing my DPS and making my solo questing sessions incredibly slow and painful.

Coming from EQ2, this is all a new experience to me. I’m used to tanks being tanks regardless of their AA spec – sure some might be more DPS orientated than others but all are able to tank regardless of how they spec. Same goes for healers. I don’t remember anyone ever challenging me on my AA specification or refusing me a group because of it yet this is common place in WoW. Guilds only recruit ‘Holy Priests’ or ‘Restoration Druids’ and groups have tremendous difficulty finding tanks and healers because everyone specs DPS to level up quickly via questing.

I’m very much looking forward to the dual talent system which will hopefully arrive in the next update. I think it could make a huge difference to the lack of grouping WoW at the moment. I’d love to be able to switch between a DPS spec for soloing and a tank spec for grouping and I’m sure others would to.

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