Draenei Priest

I started a Draenei Priest alt in World of Warcraft a few days ago as I fancied trying something a little different to my Warrior. I role-played a cleric in Everquest about 8 years ago (has it really been that long?!) and thoroughly enjoyed it and have kept meaning to try a proper healing class again since then (I also started an Inquistor in Everquest 2 but that’s another post).

The first thing I noticed about my Priest is just how tough, or rather, slow it is to quest and level up. Killing mobs takes forever compared to my Fury spec’d Warrior and I have to stop and drink and eat after every 2 kills or so. I’m also extremely fragile as I can only wear cloth so I die easily when a 2 or 3 opponents gang up on me which can be a little frustrating sometimes. Priests in WoW are interesting because they lend themselves more to classic mage casters than to the usual Cleric dipiction. In many fantasty MMOs and roleplaying games, Clerics are able to wear plate armour which makes them more sturdy and they focus their offensive capabilities more on melee than magic.

All of this has meant I’ve started to spec down the Shadow talent tree just to try and make my solo life a little easier and I’ve heard they end up putting out some respectable DPS. I’m a little annoyed at this though because I want to be a true healer and group as much as I can and do all of the dungeons I missed with my Warrior. I’m hoping that my native healing abilities will be enough to see me to level 40 even as a Shadow Priest and by then the dual-talent system will have been released.

My predicament makes me understand exactly why grouping is so uncommon in WoW and why good groups are so hard to find compared to other games like EQ2 – everyone specs down the DPS talents just to make their solo life easier!  I have a Fury Warrior and now I’ll have a Shadow Priest! I feel pretty guilty too because I want to be a true tank and a true healer… but I’m just too lazy to give up my soloing ability. I think the dual-talent system is going to have a huge impact on the WoW community.

Despite my struggles with leveling, I’m enjoying my Priest and plan to invest a decent amount of time in him – if for no other reason than the high level armour sets look awesome. I’m also planning on posting about my experience with a low level Inqusitor in Everquest 2 and hopefully it will provide an interesting contrast.

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  1. Priest_too says:

    I started a Draenei Priest too and i have tio say its awesome

  2. Avalon says:

    Draenei Discipline Priest, Herbalist/Alchemist in Battlegrounds I am unstoppable. The amount of healing I can dish out in groups is unbelieveable as well. Since I can toss out potions to my people. I also took the time to level cooking, fishing, and first aid to their max. I never have any problems finding a group(Even before this new stupid muti-realm stuff) Healing is easiest to level if you just Dungeon grind as a healer. You just have to at times take the lead in the groups. Soloing as a shadow priest is too slow for me.

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