World of Warcraft iPhone Apps

I got an iPhone a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been installing apps like crazy. Of course, as I play WoW, one of the first things I did was check if there were any apps for it. I didn’t expect to find any so I was very surprised to find several had been made and that some of them were actually pretty good. Here’s the lowdown:

WoW Talent

Probably the app I use the most, this is basically a talent calculator for your iPhone. It’s pretty decent and lets you save and load talent builds which is handy if you want to tweak your talent setup on the move or fancy checking out the talents of another class. Since I’ve been contemplating some WoW alts, I’ve been using this quite a lot. The only downside to the app is that it’s quite slow and cumbersome to use. Unlike a talent calculator website, you can’justt  mouse over a talent to read it’s description but, instead, you have to press your finger on one for a few seconds before it opens in a new window. Maybe I’m too impatient but I find that kinda slow and annoying.

WoW Talent screenshot

WoW Talent screenshot

Warcraft Characters

This app lets you look up characters on any server and view all of their statistics and information. Pointless, I know, but it’s quite fun none-the-less if you want to spy on your guildmates or pretend to your friends that you actually care about their gaming experience. It’s free, as are all of these apps, so you’re only hurting yourself by not getting it.

Waracraft Characters screenshot

Waracraft Characters screenshot

Warcraft Chest

A handy little app that lets you view items drops from raids, dungeons or as rewards from badges, reputation or PvP. Not massively useful but still pretty fun if you want to satisfy your curiosity about what’s available where or if you’re just bored on the train and want to see what’s available.

Warcraft Chest screenshot

Warcraft Chest screenshot

There are a couple of other apps available as well but I don’t have either of them. One is only available in the US so I can’t get it (WarcraftStat) whilst the other isn’t free and looks a bit rubbish (WoW News).

Now, where are the Everquest 2 apps?!

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