Everquest 2 – Inquisitor

Today, kids, I’m going to write about the Everquest 2 Inquisitor class. I recently started one on Runnyeye but this isn’t the first time I’ve felt the call of priesthood and the drive of the inquisition. No sir, I have a level 28 Inquisitor alt on Nagafen (a US PvP server) and spent many hours judging the worthiness of folk (hint: everyone is unworthy). Low level PvP in EQ2 is absolutely fantastic and great fun but it unfortunately takes a nose dive in T8 once you start going up against opponents with mythical epic items and the like.

I miss my PvP Inquisitor. Although it’s still a fun class to play on a PvE server, it just isn’t the same because I can’t smack people in the face with a big stick. And I don’t care who you are (I’m looking at you, the Pope), that’s always fun.

The cool thing about the EQ2 Inquisitor is that you can spec your Alternate Advancement points to become a Battle Cleric. Awesome. This is the big thing I miss in WoW – there is no equivalent of a melee cleric (Shamans don’t count, dammit!). I really like the way the AAs work in EQ2. I turned off my normal experience so I leveled very slowly and I completely focused on gaining AA points. By the time I hit level 28, I had achieved the Battle Cleric AA in the Inquisitor tree and was working on the STR line in the Cleric tree.

The Battle Cleric line works by replacing the normal Inquisitor damage spells with better melee attacks, essentially turning your character from a spellcaster to a melee warrior. The final ability in the line also increases your melee ability and armour effectiveness. I selected an Ogre (what else?) as my race which meant I was already hardy and had access to some innate abilities like a melee slam and stun immunity. Now throw in the standard healing abilities of the Cleric archetype and you have a very tough PvP competitor.

Battle Clerics were quite uncommon on Nagafen because people generally preferred to play Scouts or Druids who have useful abilities like snare and/or track. My Inquisitor didn’t have any of those so I was pretty limited in my ability to hunt or chase after people but that wasn’t the point. I was a hidden juggernaut, a lurking behemoth if you will, waiting to unleash my badass-ness on anyone foolish enough to attack me… and that happened a lot. Satisifaction maximum.

So there you have it. The Battle Cleric Inquisitor. Acknowledge your inclination to judge someone today.

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  1. JC says:

    I love my BC Inquisitor. It’s always been a lot of fun, even if I haven’t played it all that much the past couple of years.

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  4. Grump says:

    I love playing my Inquisitor, I play on Butcherblock. I have never played PVP. I used to duel-bet platinum farmers quite a bit. I admit I took advantage of the dueling system and their poor English skills. I never lost a duel against a plat farmer, mainly because I caught them off guard, and if they tried to run away, I would win anyway. I walked away with dozens of free masters before they changed the way duel-bets worked.

    Against legitimate players, my record is not perfect. I have a hard time with Brigands and Shadowknights. I love punishments in PVP, I once surprised another healer with blasphemy and it killed him.

  5. I think the later is a very welcome (and much needed when MMOs start having as many expansions as they do today) change. Everquest power leveling is hot on sale. I really like the box art they’ve shown us (see below), but I’m feeling wary about changes of this kind after the dissapointing graphics that SOE embraced in later EQ expansions and in the EQ2 release (thank Tunare for SOGA models!).

  6. jake bran says:

    Yea EQ2 pvp is best before hitting lvl 60, after that the fun factor wears off in a hurry. Hopefully Aion will be a better pvp environment at lvl cap at 50, time will tell. The problem that most pvp mmo’s face is that after a couple years as a new player your going against people with massive abilities to generate money and high end crafted/raid items. Eq2 messed up the top end with mythical op gear and other foolishness, their now merging pvp servers… AGAIN.

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