Game Life Balance

It’s 10:30pm and I just got home from work. I don’t have some super crazy lawyer job in the city (shucks, y’all) but I have been working harder than a Japanese beaver lately. It’s not the norm for me (oh God I hope it’s not the norm for me. Save me Baby Jesus, please!) so it’s fine but I find that even my normal working life, combined with my slightly-retarded social life, apply a lot of pressure to my gaming live. How the heck do other people manage to put in all of those crazy hours into MMOs and still hold down jobs?!

When I was a student on summer holidays I used to play a fair bit (y’know, 4-6 hours a day, nothing too… extreme…) but that was purely because I had absolutely nothing better to do. Eventually my hedonistic life of bliss came to an end and I had to go out and get a job. Since then, my gaming life has suffered.

My EQ2 guild was a ‘casual’ guild but even then I struggled to keep up with everyone else. They would all log on at 7pm and log off at 10pm during the week and then played a lot during the weekends. Now, compared to most MMO gamers, that’s very casual but it was still difficult for me to do – sometimes I had to work late, sometimes I wanted to go out and/or see friends and sometimes I just didn’t feel like sitting in front of a computer.

Keeping up with my casual guildies was hard enough so I have no idea how true hardcore players manage to hold down a job and put in their abundant hours of gaming. Sure, I can understand students (cause I certainly indulged myself when I was one) but that can’t account for all hardcore players. I saw a guild recruitment message in EQ2 once that stated that applicants needed to be able to raid every day of the week from 6-11pm. Huh?! How does anyone manage that? It boggles my mind.

I guess, thinking about it, I’m quite competitve in my MMOs and it annoys me that someone else can be ‘better’ than me just because they’ve got more time (I hate the way MMOs reward time and not skill). But then, thinking about it, I realise that they must be unemployed and live at home with their mum. It’s only thing that explains it. Either that or they must be exeedingly rich, lucky or run time management courses.

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  1. Hammerfaust says:

    …or the most likely way (according to their behaviour in game) they are retards and have retard jobs…like cleaning street or work night shift securing for example a construction (so it would not run away…)…

  2. guaka says:

    Interesting. I find I get periods where I can play loads and then (like this week and probably next) other weeks when I only use the computer to check email.
    The thing that bothers me about that is you’re still paying for MMO time your not using.
    Anyone think a pay-as-you-go MMO would work?

  3. Jhet Bhlak says:

    A lot of customer support plays while at work. This way they get in 18 hour game days. Eight or nine hours at work and the rest at home. And they get paid to do it to boot.

    Do a google search for: shoemoney eq

    You’ll see how some people can get.

  4. Gordon says:

    WoW in China is charged by the hour instead of a regular subscription and apparently it’s a lot less profitable to Blizzard than a regular Western subscription so I don’t see it coming here anytime soon.

    I don’t mind the cost tbh. 2x tickets at the cinema will cost me £15 for what, 2hours entertainment? £9 subscription for any MMO is good value for money in comparison even if I only played 4 hours a month.

  5. @Hammerfaust: actually they’re there to stop people from stealing materials, even in this day and age, homes for sale with no one living in them are being broken into for the copper pipes ….

    @Gordon: Yeah, subscription games are the only ones that get “cheaper” the more you play. As in you pay less per hour the more hours you put in. I justify my $15 by saying, at least I’m paying less than 25 cents and hour, which puts it as more cost effective than an arcade.

  6. Gordon says:

    I have absolutely no problems with paying for MMO subscriptions. Considering I pay £7.50 to go to the cinema (for what, 2 hours entertainment?) I think paying £9 per month for an MMO is a bargain. Even if I play it for only 2 hours a week, that’s still good value for money.

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  8. Scarron says:

    Ah.. if only i could stay 15 forever…. >.>

  9. mary-li says:

    It is difficult to balance life and wow . It is hard to make a desicion to limit game time.

  10. mary-li says:

    Thanks.You did a good job

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