The Next WoW Expansion

Expansions for MMOs are commonplace and, perhaps even more so, expected and highly anticipated. Personally I love expansions as they can often reinvigorate a flagging game and add a whole degree of life to it. Wrath of Lich King was a perfect example of this as it refreshed a lot of people’s interest in the game and gave them a whole thing new set of things to do.

With the announcement of BlizzCon 2009 in August a lot of people have started to predict the next WoW expansion, WotLK having been announced two years ago at BlizzCon 2007. It made me start to think about what I’d like to see in the next Warcraft expansion.

Character Model Upgrade

I’ve really love to see the player character models upgraded. Everquest did this with The Shadows of Luclin and it helped keep the game technically and visually competitive and interesting. I think the original WoW character models are pretty terrible and look very outdated now (particularly humans) – I’d love to see them get a visual overhaul.

Low Level Content

Everquest 2 is a fantastic example of using expansions to enhance existing gameplay for all levels and the entire player base. Both the Echoes of Faydwer and Ruins of Kunark expansions added a mix of low and high level content and I think it’s great way of attracting new players and keeping existing ones happy by letting them either roll new alts or try out the new high level zones. WoW seems to shun and ignore the low level gameplay and I think that’s a damn shame.

A 4th Talent Tree

Adding a 4th Talent tree to each class could be an inspiring addition to the game. Imagine Priests having a melee talent spec or Warriors with a support/buff/crowd control spec. Sweet.

Open Dungeons

Seriously, Blizzard, seriously. Open f’ing dungeons. Not instances. Not single group zones. Full, continual, open to everyone, dungeons. Now throw in a couple of PvP enabled dungeons and you’ve got a great bit of fun happening right there.

So that’s what I’d like to see. No new races or hero classes? Sure, I wouldn’t mind some new races (I love the Draenei) but I don’t think it’s as necessary as the other stuff I mentioned. A new hero class would be fun too but I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the Deathknight so unless Blizzard really push the boat out and try something original, I don’t think a new hero classes will be very exciting.

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  1. Hammerfaust says:

    Cant agree more, mate, cant agree more!!
    Especially the 4th talent tree would be awesome!! Some new ideas of how to play your toon would come up!!
    Anyway I dont think Blizzard will add those things…certainly no stuff for low lvls imo…also Blizzard is always unpunctual…I remember Diabolo II…took them ages to bring it out…

  2. Scarybooster says:

    I think they should do level gauged solo/party instances to the level of the person entering or average of party member. That way MC, BWL, and all instances would become challanging again. I know they will never go to open dungons because it would hurt the servers like WAR is having. WoW is a huge open world if all the instances were opened, the lag would be horrible.

  3. Gordon says:

    Something I forgot to mention was Mentoring. EQ2 has this mechanic – it let’s high level players reduce their level to match low level ones and give them an exp bonus. I think this would encourage grouping.

  4. Sidenn says:

    WoW. i’d have to say most of those ideas are garbage. melee priest? srsly? that completely destroys the whole idea of “caster”. a melee priest = paladin. warriors have slight CC/buff’s, but they aren’t built for that. graphic overhauls, i agree with. going back to azeroth is ugly and dull. open instances = fail. especially when you have immature horde/alliance players sitting at lvl 80 camping all the low dungeons for fun.

    Yes, blizzard ignores lower level content, because the whole idea behind the gameplay is to get to endgame, thats why WoW has so much faster leveling then most MMO’s. The point is to get to the end, and they encourage this through the leveling gear, and through lower % xp requirements.

    WoW is going in the right direction imo. only thing they need to fix in my eyes is stop making the endgame material so easy for the casual gamers. 10/25m naxx is insanely easy, to the point of not being even challenging.

  5. Grrrr says:

    Oh man! Totally! Don’t you remember how amazing Burning Crusade was? So much fun, and now that Wrath is out, there is pretty much no reason to go back there whatsoever. Maybe make the Outland dungeons 80 heroics. I dunno. Whatever. I just miss so many of those dungeons and haven’t gotten to run them in forever!

  6. Gordon says:

    Same thing happens with every expansion – ton of new stuff comes out, people grind away at raids to earn all the uber gear and then, a year or so later, another expansion comes out ups the level cap and competely negates all previous achievements. Live for the moment I say :)

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