Suggestion To Improve Priest Classs

My Priest is almost level 43 and now that I’ve got Shadowform I’m finding soloing is a lot, lot faster and easier. I barely have any downtime, DPS has improved greatly and my survivability is far higher. It’s almost night and day compared to my early experiences with the Priest. Levels 10-30 were painfully slow and tedious – I can’t understand why the class gets easier to play as it levels up. Surely it should be the other way round!

My suggestion to improve the Priest class is to make Shadowform accessible earlier… perhaps even more it to first rank of the Shadow talents. It makes no sense forcing players wait for it. Life as a low level Priest is just far too hard. I can understand wanting to give each class something to look forward to but Shadowform is so important to a Priest, and makes such a vast difference to the playability of the class, I think they should get access to it sooner. It’s not like they really have any other choices when it comes to soloing.

If I’m honest, although I doubt this would ever happen, what I’d really like to see would be Shadowform become a stance ability, similar to one of the Warrior’s stances. It would be obtainable at level 10 from a quest and wouldn’t require any talent points to access it. Priest ’stances’ could then be expanded to include a Holy stance (which gives bonuses to healing but prevents the player from casting damage spells) and another Holy DPS stance which, unlike Shadowform, allows the Priest to cast healing spells (but with reduced potency) and also increases the damage of Holy damage spells like Smite and Holy Fire. This would give Priests a mixed stance, allowing them to both heal and increase their DPS, an alternative to people who don’t want to follow the Shadow talent tree. This stance would essentially allow Priests to be true healers but still have better DPS to solo with.

At the moment Priests are a pretty sad class. They are painfully slow to level up until level 40+ and have very limited flexibility or variety. When was the last time you saw a level 25 Holy spec Priest for instance? Doesn’t happen, everyone’s Shadow. Shame. And the sad part is that it’s still bloody tough at the low levels. C’mon Blizzard, Priest stances FTW!

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  1. Durathor says:

    I levelled a long time ago, but even though I levelled as shadow I could never get the hang of shadowform. I found the ability to heal far too useful. I could heal mid level instances well enough even tho shadow specced, and it allowed me to help out with dps when needed too, so I stayed out of shadowform in general.

    It looks pretty cool tho

  2. Jen says:

    I leveled as holy, a long time ago. I’ve never been shadow or disc. I found it very easy to level, mostly because I did dungeons all the time. Stances would be good, but with dual specs coming, it’s not going to be something that they’d ever consider.

  3. luvy duvy says:

    if they made stealth at level one for rogues they should deffinatly do shadowform for the priest so from the beginning you can do the damage and add more shadow spells it only makes sense

    priest level by questing you need shadowform to quest so its like duh blizz wtf are you doing?

    its not like in early level quest your going to group or even people would even want to group in early levels cause the first few levels doesnt require group situations it requires to do as much damage as you can while to finish of these quest for leveling allready. for instance in forsaken the quest when you kill all those scourges does it require healing anyone NO it doesnt you have to kill kill kill

    i have a troll preist and the when i first started him the only thing i kept on casting is holy smite holy smite holy smite that is BORING! i am deleting him today and replacing him with a orc hunter (since i allready have a troll hunter and he allready rocks) and lookin forward to naming my future pet scorpion SnipSnip

    When blizz makes a character of any class they should make the first couple of levels like up to level 15 or 20 all about damage then when it comes to the character level when you can do instances then introduce the addictional talents etc warrior to tank priest to heal pally to heal/tank

    same thing for druids why in hell will you get bear form first!!! your not gonna tank much you got your questbook filled with quest that you need to kill different animals and badguys souch as furbolgs and Centaurs (nightelf/tauren) you dont need to tank them you need to do damage to them

    guess they do that cause blizz wants you to be playing longer :(

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