Mid-Level Blues

So my Priest is now level 44 and I’m suffering from the mid-level blues. It’s perhaps the biggest hole in WoW’s armour because the game just really isn’t designed for the 40-58 level range. In fact, it’s down right monotonous. The only saving grace is that my Priest is getting stronger and soloing is getting faster. I can now kill multiple mobs at once, survive if I get ambushed, and keep the downtime between kills to a minimum.

The mid-level blues is really a combination of two things for me. Firstly, there just isn’t enough content – I’ve already level up a Warrior and I’ve already done all of the quests! Now I’m just repeating my actions. Secondly, there are no open dungeons. I’ve harked on about this before but it’s something I’m truly disappointed WoW doesn’t have.

Comparing my mid-level experience in WoW to EQ2 is like comparing night and day. EQ2 mid-levels were actually very fun, probably more fun that the level 80 experience (at least to me). Yes, I played on a PvP server for the majority of my ‘career’ but EQ2 has loads of fun dungeons to keep players occupied. At level 44 in EQ2, I would be doing dungeon runs in Runnyeye or Everfrost and having a ball of a time. The difference between quest grinding and dungeon grinding is that questing is always the same every time you do it but grouping is always different and the social experience is always unique.

I’m still keen to get my Priest to level 60+ and experience some high end content so I’m going to keep plugging away. I’m also going to try and do some dungeon instances… that is if I can find a group and they actually want me because I’m Shadow spec’d. *grumble*

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