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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of an altaholic – part of it is because I have a low attention span and part of it is because I want to sample a wide variety of what a game has to offer.

My decision to roll a Shaman was due to a bit of both of those things. I was getting tired of my Priest – although I love the character and like the idea of being a level 80 healer for instances and raids, it’s just too much of a damn grind. I feel like sub-par DPS with a ton of healing spells I never, ever use. I think Tobold once referred to the Priest as a bot class and that’s exactly what it feels like to me. With all of these other interesting and diverse classes available, the Priest just seems single minded, repetitive and lacking in power. At level 45 I can’t heal any better than a Shaman or Druid yet I’m utterly limited in the way I play. Hmm.

The Shaman is a breath of fresh air in comparison. Firstly, my low level experience is far easier compared to the Priest’s and the class is a lot more balanced. I rarely die and can kill things pretty quickly making life far less frustrating. Also, the class is much more fun and diverse. I can go pure healing, melee DPS or spell DPS and each offers a different style of play. They also get a lot of interesting spells like Ghost Wolf, Astral Recall and Resurrection, giving the class a bit of flavour. I didn’t feel like there was anything my Priest could do that another class couldn’t.

It’s also worth pointing out that at level 17 I have one healing spell. One. And it’s enough. My Priest had about four and I never used any of them. What’s the point in giving low level characters so many healing spells when they aren’t necessary and never used. Priests would be far better off getting Shadowform or another damange spell early on in the lives.

In the end, my whole experience with healers has left me really wondering as to the state of healing in WoW. Unlike games like EQ2, it seems like an unnecessary after-thought. Maybe it’s the entire focus on quest soloing that the game has but it seems like healing, or at least powerful healing, is quite redundant until level 80… meaning there isn’t much room for an aspiring Priest in the game.

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  1. Karthis says:

    Were you speccing your priest Holy/Discipline to level up? If so I can see where you’d have issues. Pure healers are hell to level up in most games. Much better to use the DPS spec, and then switch to healing later on.

    My main alt is a Shaman as well…. I love the class. I’d think that if I had it specced resto then leveling would be as hard as with a priest though ;)

    “…but it seems like healing, or at least powerful healing, is quite redundant until level 80…”

    Unless you play with others when you level, that’s exactly right. Same thing for tanks. But what did you expect? Healing/tanking are group-oriented roles.

  2. Gordon says:

    I heard that Shadow spec Priests do a lot of damage at higher levels but even trying it I still found life very difficult from 10-40. I rolled a Priest though because I wanted to be a full time healer so maybe that’s why I’m disappiointed with the class – WoW just isn’t a healers game until the high levels. I feel with a Shaman I’m getting more what I bargained for – a melee character with some heals. Seems better suited to the game.

    I guess I’m used to the healer classes in EQ2 where they were true, powerful healers but could still solo if necessary. Also more people grouped there whilst leveling up so they were far more in demand. Or maybe it’s just nostaliga kicking in :)

  3. Hammerfaust says:

    All i can say about shammy is that i just lost in a duel against my buddy who is resto specced and just outhealed my dmg. And as you know i am a warrior!
    Shammy are also very nice solo cause he is doing damn nice and is warmly welcome in any group!!

    My sham is dps/melee specced and was ment to be some kind of tank…he is doing pretty good as well but i am not that happy with the class. Although i would love to have shadow wolf…

  4. Aaron says:

    A Shadow Priest is one of the most desired DPS specs in the game. As far as healing, try playing a 25-man raid with a Resto Shaman, you pretty much spam chain heal the entire time… pretty repetitive.

  5. stabolina says:

    I found that leveling a priest was a lot like a mage – go for maximum damage / minimal downtime and just g r i n d those mobs down. If you find yourself fighting mobs 1-2 levels above you, swap to a different zone and catch another few levels before heading back. Or just accept that you will be drinking more.

    Between levels 30-38 you can hang out in LFG for a shot at some SM pugs – and your first real healing experience. Other than that, the real fun begins in northrend, where there is enough other players around to enable instance runs on a consistent basis.

    It’s a bit unfortunate that you have to grind out 70 levels before you get a real chance to try healing, but on the plus side, you get to experience the shadowy side of things …

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