Blizzard fumble, recover, fumble again

Blizzard have now announced that the dual talent specialisation will now be available to level 40 characters. Rejoice! A move that actually makes sense. I never understood why it should be restricted to level 80s only. Surely the whole point of it is to allow flexibility and encourage more diversity. So anyway, great news.

However, this change comes with a string in the tail. Yep, apparently the cost of learning this ability will be 1,000 gold. OK, that’s nothing to most players with high level mains and twinked alts but doesn’t it completely alienate all new players? It’s like Blizzard are trying to create a form of snobbery and elitism as 1,000 is utterly unrealistic for any new player to have gained by level 40. It’s obvious the system is intended for twinks only.

What exactly does Blizzard have against grouping? It seems like every move they do is designed to encourage people into a single, mindless direction of quest grinding all the way up until level 80. They finally offer something that might encourage more people to group together and yet they place some ridiculous cost on it to alienate new players.

Is it just me or does Blizzard really dislike the idea of grouping at low levels?

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  1. Hammerfaust says:

    ah c’mon! 1,000 gold?! Bloody hell, where should I get like 1,000 gold from? I was happy with my 57 gold and felt damn rich!!
    Dont understand that move tbh!
    Makes me a bit angry…
    …anyways: good times for gold farmers!! Get your mastercard out guys!!

  2. Ares says:

    I agree that 1,000 gold is a lot of money – I’m not sure why Blizzard made it so much. I think they want the mechanic to only appeal to veteran players and not burden first timers with it.

  3. Ares says:

    Forgot to say, anyone have any idea when 3.1 is actually coming out??!

  4. Katherine says:

    Um, your dps/levelling spec at lower levels is completely adequate for being in groups and running instances. (Unless they’ve nerfed things you aren’t specced for since I played)

    I levelled a moonkin druid to level 48 BEFORE they made it a viable spec and I did fine healing with that spec and no healing gear. I levelled a shadow priest to 64 and only came across problems when everyone in the group decided to attack a different mob so they could all have aggro. This does not prevent you from grouping at lower levels in any way. Not sure why they even made it available at level 40, would make more sense at 60 or 70.

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