Does WoW get easier as you level up?

Due to my mid-level crisis, I’ve been trying out a lot of alts recently – I’ve now got a level 22 Shaman and a low level Mage. After leveling up a Priest, I’ve found both classes easier in comparison although certain situations still present difficulties and I’m not immortal by any means. Killing mobs and completing quests still poses risks and challenges and there’s still a considerable amount of downtime.

However, the other day I decide to jump back onto my level 66 Warrior for a bit and I was absolutely amazed at how quick and painless everything was. I could fight and drop mobs continually without any breaks and I could easily wander into a group of mobs and take them down without any fear whatsoever. It blew my mind – I had forgotten how pain-free life was. No wonder I found leveling up a low level Priest difficult.

Shouldn’t things be the other way round though? Shouldn’t the low levels be quick and painless with a care-free feeling instead of a struggle? Maybe it’s the classes I’m picking but low levels seem to be a grind with constant periods of downtime to recharge health and mana whilst high levels seem to be continual slaughter without any worries.

The most ironic thing I’ve found is that gaining a level when you’re 25 takes exactly the same amount of time as when you’re 58. In fact, it probably takes longer. This certainly has something to do with the fact that the quests in Outland are denser and more evenly staggered (it drives me nuts doing 5 quests in Azeroth and then having to find another zone to go to because the rest there are too high) but also definitely has something to do with the fact that classes just get plain more powerful and easier at higher levels.

Maybe Blizzard want people to feel an increased sense of power as they level and the perception that they are stronger and can kill things faster. Ultimately it just all seems a little odd… like the level 1-60 game is just a prelude to the real action.

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  1. Karthis says:

    The relative ease of the low level is purely based on class choice, I find. My shammie was trivial to level thru the early stuff, but I found my mage far more squishy. A lot of games are like this tho – fragile classes are hard to start out, but get quite powerful in the end.

  2. Karthis says:

    BTW – the first capthcha your site gave me totally kicked my ass – had to hard refresh the page to get a new one. Never mind keeping automated spam out – the system you’ve picked is nasty for humans!

  3. Hammerfaust says:

    Imho I htink it has a lot to do with you choice of classes! My warrior lvls up quite quickly as well while my mage/warlock/shammy and other stuff are just a pain in the balls to lvl. Guess it is really because of the lack of armor and health.
    But I will find out more when my mage will get higher…or will it be the warlock…let me think about that!! =))

  4. Gordon says:

    I’ve removed the Captcha for now… I thought it worked pretty well but I don’t want to causing problems for people. I just get too much damn spam. How do you other bloggers deal with it?

  5. Gordon says:

    I’ve just installed an Askimet plugin which should automatically prevent stop and remove the need for the captcha thing! :)

  6. Karthis says:

    re: spam – I turned my captchas off, and instead told it to send comments on posts older than a week to auto-moderation. This seems to have really killed my spam – I get maybe one a week, and usually none at all.

  7. Tadas says:

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  8. John Ritz says:

    I agree with Gordon. That’s what I did. and Karthis — yes, its really hard to start out, really trying to get the hang of it. But there’s no other way but UP, right? go WOW Level-up.

  9. Nice site man, picked up some nuggets here…just can’t wait for Cataclysm, I read a rumor that it’s being released Nov 2010, though with Blizz you can never tell :/

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