Becoming a Healer with 3.1

So Patch 3.1 finally hit the live servers last Wednesday. Glorious! As any reader would know, I’ve been highly anticipating it for months as it brings a feature I was incredibly looking forward to – dual specs.

I’m playing three characters now – my Warrior, my Priest and a Mage – and I was most excited about dual speccing my Priest as I really wanted to be able to heal in groups without sacrificing my ability to solo. So, after months of hard grinding and saving with my Warrior, on Wednesday I dropped a dime (that’s Sopranos talk for 1,000g) and dual specced to Shadow and Holy. Then I got a group.

It was your usual PUG in Zul’Farrak and I should’ve known it wasn’t going to end well when it took us 45mins to get to the zone and by that time we had lost one of our DPS players leaving just four of us. Still, we were brimming with optimism and went in… only to wipe on the second pull. At which point someone decided to blame my poor healing skills (even though they had let a runner get away and pull a bunch of mobs which then killed me first) and they all disbanded. Ah, another wondering grouping experience in WoW. 1 hour to get a group together, 5 mins to completely disband it. Just why is it so hard to get a decent group?

Anyway, I was pretty disappointed after that experience and spent the next day just soloing as Shadow, wondering if the whole dual spec thing had just been a waste of time. Yesterday, however, I decided to try a battleground as Holy (I love the new feature to join BGs from anywhere) and it was actually a lot of fun. I did a bit of research though and discovered Discipline is a better spec for BGs and so swapped my Holy spec for a Disc one. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet but I’m looking forward to trying it out as it seems more conducive to my play style. Plus it means I can still heal for PVE groups which is what I wanted.

Overall I’m happy with the dual spec system and I’m excited about trying it out more. I’m still contemplating getting the cash together to dual spec my Warrior as Fury/Prot but I’m in no rush for that. As for my Mage… well, I have no idea why I’d dual spec him when Frost covers everything. Shame.

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  1. Hammerfaust says:

    Allow me a word to groups in WoW: sux!
    No one can play their class, no one knows how to act as a group, no one is patient enough for anything (speaking about tactics, waiting for each other, surviving – dying…) and a lot more!

    A great part why I play MMORPGs is because of the grouping…but in WoW its just always, in every group I had so far, a pain in the balls.

    Quite disappointing…

  2. lol says:

    i have an alt priest at 80 and i dual specced it shadow and disc. even with 0 hit and full disc gear, i do well in raids and instances as dps. BGs and arena are a blast as disc…

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