Torchlight MMO

I stumbled across news about a new MMO coming out at some point (probably still got years left in development) and it peaked my interest. Apparently it’s a Diablo-esque style MMO made by the same guys who were originally Blizzard North and are now called Runic Games. Unfortunately going to their website gives absolutely no information about the game.


Torchlight Screenshot

The guys behind the game are Max and Erich Schaefer (nope, I’d never heard of them either but apparently it means something to some people) who also did Hellgate London. Which was a flop. OK, let’s ignore that cause I’m still hyped. I mean c’mon it’s Diablo but an MMO, man!

Torchlight Screenshot

Torchlight Screenshot

To distribute it, Runic Games are teaming up with a Chinese publisher called Perfect World. And uh gee that’s about all of the info I can steal from other websites. Anyway, looks sweet.

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  1. Tesh says:

    I found an article a bit ago chronicling an interview with the devs. It looks like an interesting idea, and it might wind up to be a fun game. Most interesting to me is that they will start with it as a single player game, and transition into the MMO model. They are also lumping PvP and PvE servers together, which may prove to be brilliant or insane.

    Still, it’s one I’m keeping my eye on.

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  4. Wonder says:

    Hey there! check out the game website – Waaay more info there, we’re better at keeping it updated. :) We were just at PAX, too, and coverage is coming in — check out this Joystiq article:

    We’re also on twitter – @runicgames! :)

  5. damien says:

    Actually, they worked for the company that did Hg:L – flagship – they actually started the tech demo that became the really promising Mythos. However, the IP for Mythos was sold as part of the break-up of flagship to hanbit, so they up’ed and started a new iteration of the same idea, isometric, random maps, most gear random stats, etc. That’s Torchlight.

    Mythos was instanced zones, with Guild wars like town hubs and it was aimed towards teh micro-transaction model. Imagine Dungeon Runners with style, guile and a big helping of character design genius.

    This is definitely worth keeping an eye on if you were a d2 action rpg fan at all.

    Oh, runic popped in themselves, superb!

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