Thinking Of Returning To Everquest 2

Coincidentally just as Tobold posted an article about taking a break from WoW, I’ve been considering returning to Everquest 2. I think WoW is a great game but I’m really missing the social aspect that other MMOs have to offer. For a game with so many players, the game feels surprisingly lonely and people just don’t seem to bond in groups or guilds. Maybe it’s just my bad experiences and the fact that I haven’t hit level 80 with any of my characters yet.

A few weeks ago, one of my work colleagues joined the game with his girlfriend and they seem to be really enjoying it which is fantastic. I’ve also definitely appreciated having someone online to chat with but as WoW lacks any sort of mentoring system, there isn’t a lot we can do to group together until he catches up on me. Even then, WoW is still very much a single player focused game, at least at the lower levels. It’s a lot easier to level up questing than it is by grouping and most of the groups I’ve been in have been pretty negative experiences. I know it’s a cliché, but the player base in WoW does seem to be a lot younger than other games I’ve tried.

I’ve also been mulling over trying LotRO again. I keep hearing how great it is although I never managed to get sucked it into it on the few occasions I played it. I always found the starting areas to be particularly boring and unimaginative but I hear that the community and grouping elements are fantastic. I’ve dismissed WAR and AoC for the time being as WAR is just plain dull and AoC needs a big expansion before I return to it.

I haven’t made a decision yet and I’ll still probably be playing WoW for a while longer. I’m enjoying the PvP battlegrounds and I want to check out Northrend. Maybe I’ll resubscribe to EQ2 and try them both together for a bit. Wouldn’t be nice if MMOs offered you a free 48 hour ‘come back trial period’… just so I can scratch that itch and see if it really is the game I’m looking for or if it’s just nostalgia playing tricks on me.

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  1. Karthis says:

    Have you tried Free realms yet? It’s a wonderful departure from the fantasy MMO template, and very relaxing to play. I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    One game that always does it for me is EQ1. No matter how long I stay away, sometimes I get an itch to come back.

  3. Gordon says:

    If they updated EQ1 with some new player character graphics, some new abilities for melee classes, some new armor graphics and a new UI… I’d be back in a shot.

  4. Jimmy Blake says:

    Do it dude, I’ve just come back to EverQuest 2 from a two year break playing WoW. Things are a lot easier now, but so much has changed it is like playing a totally new game.

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