I Have An Ogre Fetish

I recently resubscribed to Everquest 2 and decided to start a new character, an Ogre called Scarscream (that’s ‘Scar-scream’ not ‘Scars-cream‘… although either way works). He’s a Shadowknight although I intend to betray him to a Paladin but stay over at Freeport (any class can play on any faction on Nagafen) thus meaning I can bum around with old friends whilst feeling slightly ’special’. However, I was looking through my character selection screen when I noticed something…odd…

Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla

My first Ogre, the Vanilla Gorilla, Shadowknight of Darathar, now residing on Venekor until the upcoming server merge.

Clubosaurus - Bruiser


Clubosaurus. How he’d get his name? Hint: he likes to club people. Member of the Fat Asian Four guild on Nagafen.

Blane - Inquisitor


Blane. Battle Cleric. Holy as hell and popular with the ladies.

Mantooth - Legendary Berserker


Mantooth, the Legendary Berserker/Guardian of Nagafen, soon to come out of retirement. I’ve betrayed him between about 6 times already so by my reckoning I should get a in-game reward for doing it a 7th time.

Scarscream - Shadowknight


My new Shadowknight/Paladin, Scarscream.

Yes, that’s right. My name is Gordon and I have an Ogre fetish. And you know what the really creepy thing is? They all look identical…

So what exactly is it that I love about these majestic creatures? Honestly, I’m not quite sure but maybe it has something to do with towering over my enemies and smashing into the ground and then grinding them under my feet or looming over my comrades and blocking their entire view of the battleground when we fight in compact dungeons. Either way, it’s bloody good fun.

Anyone a psychiatrist?

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  1. Karthis says:

    So is “Scarscream” an intentional Transformers reference…. ?

  2. Rosehip says:

    LOLOLOL pallies are op atm btw. I am levelling a troub and rushing to 80 to become a jesters cap buff bot!!

  3. Blackson/Kaizoku/Zanin says:

    hey old mate, still playing eq2? i gave up on eq2 long time ago, nice to see ya alive and kicking tho. still remeber your old brusier Grayson Ossan leader of the Mutineers!

    • Gordon says:

      Wow! Blast from the past!! :) How are you doing?!

      How did you find me? That’s so weird :)

      I haven’t played EQ2 in a while now… played it for over 3 years solid then burned out. I’m mainly playing WoW now with some other games mixed in too. You playing any MMOs at all?

  4. Shamrok'in says:

    reet reet

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