World of Warcraft – The Great Uniter

I had a fantastic, although slightly surreal, conversation yesterday with the Managing Director of my company about World of Warcraft. He’s a WoW player too, don’tcha know. Although I’ve actually known this for a while, I’ve never really spoken to him about it or had an in-depth conversation about the game with him. Apparently he just discovered from another colleague that I was really into WoW so he wanted to shoot the breeze with me and find out more about my interest in it.

Turns out the big boss of my entire company rocks a level 80 Warrior on Bronzebeard and is gearing up to raid Naxxramas with his guild. He’s got a ton of quite high level alts too. I was blown away, I had absolutely no idea he was that into WoW. We spent a good 10 minutes discussing tanking, grouping, guilds, Teamspeak and all sorts of thing. It was all a little strange but I came away feeling like we’d shared a common experience and I’d learnt something new about someone I’ve been working with for over four years.

That’s the incredible thing about World and Warcraft – it’s become so vast and popular that it’s penetrated every market and affected every type of person. Say what you will about it, good or bad, but I honestly believe that it’s had a very positive effect on bringing MMORPGs into the global spotlight and is changing the way we view gaming. It’s uniting people together from all walks of life and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

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  1. Andrew says:

    My last two bosses have been WoW junkies, and my current office mate is an avid raider.

  2. openedge1 says:

    I work at a non-profit religious organization. Wonder if THEY play WoW….

    Uh…maybe not. (haha)

  3. Gordon says:

    I think working in the IT industry definitely helps :)

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