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I wrote about Torchlight a while ago and have been meaning to follow it up with more news since. Although Syp over at BioBreak beat me to it, I’m still going to post an update anyway :)

I was really excited about Torchlight when I first read about it. A Diablo-esque MMOPRG by the original creators of Diablo? Sign me up! Unfortunately E3 saw a big announcement – Torchlight is going to first be released as a standard single player RPG and then become a Free2Play MMO in 2011. Yep, I have no idea how that’s going to work either. You can read the full article over at Massively.

Torchlight RPG Screenshot

Torchlight RPG Screenshot

Disappointing news for me, I must say. I was really hoping for a full-scale isometric hack ‘n slash MMORPG and instead we’ve getting a normal single player game and what appears to be a pretty vague MMO. Yeah, I know, I’m a cynic but MMORPGs are tough to get going so I prefer to restrain my excitement until things become a little more concrete. I’m also really in the mood right now for a casual, yet in-depth, fast paced and furious MMO and waiting 2 years is going to, as they say on the streets, suck.

In terms of how it will all actually work, apparently the MMORPG version will be a completely separate game, just made with the same tools. Seems like a pretty clever strategy for the developers actually as, if the game bombs, then they can pull out and save their pennies yet if it does well, they will have an established IP which they can use as a platform to promote sales and exposure. Sounds similar to the Warcraft franchise model.

The Runic Games forums are up and running if you want to find out more info or ask any questions. Volbard is a one of their staff members and appears to be very vocal and interactive which is absolutely fantastic. I’ll be keeping an eye on Torchlight although it’s slipped off my MMOdar (like a gaydar but for MMOs) a bit after this news.

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  1. openedge1 says:

    Good post.

    I really agree with the “Pull out of making an MMO” if the IP falls flat. But, answer me this…will it have LAN based multiplayer? That could at least be a saving grace.

    The problem is ..MMO’s are becoming a dime a dozen, so why make one in todays market unless you have a gimmick..

    Or an established IP (Blizzard agrees with that)

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