MMO Classes That I Hate

Last week I posted an article about MMO classes that I love and since then Syp over at Bio Break has chipped in with a great article on his favourite classes of all time. Now that we’ve talked about the classes we love, I figured I would have stab at the classes that I just absolutely hate :)

Note: this post is meant in good humour so please don’t flame me just because I happened to pick on one of your favourite classes :)

Warrior (Everquest)

Tyromere, my Warrior in Everquest

Tyromere, my Warrior in Everquest

I had a level 55 Warrior alt in Everquest and you know what I remember most? Pressing ‘1′ to initiate auto attack then alternating the pressing ‘2′ to Taunt and ‘3′ to Kick. Exciiiiiiting. Who thought it would be fun to create a class that has access to absolutely zero abilities whilist everyone else runs around shooting lighting bolts or fly kicking mobs in the face. I had a freaking /sit macro - a /sit macro – on my hotkey panel just to use up space. /palmface

Artisan (Star Wars: Galaxies pre-NGE)

An entire profession devoted purely to crafting and tradeskills? Either an absolute breakthrough in game design which helped push forward the evolution of the MMORPG industry, paving the way for future generations of games and new ways of thinking or dull as hell. My choice?

. . .

Sorry, I fell asleep just thinking about it.

Brigand (Everquest 2)

Brigands pretty much ruled PvP in EQ2 for years. High damage, stealth, tracking, in combat evacuation teleports. These guys were the gankers choice and they drove me nuts. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty competitive but I don’t mind losing in a fair fight. Unfortunately with Brigands there was no such thing as a fair fight. Fortunately I could vent my frustration by hiding from them. Gankers: 0. Cowardice: 1.

Druid (Everquest)

You know what absolutely drove me mad? Spending hours getting a full six man group together, holy trinity of classes included, to camp one of the spires surrounding the entrance to Splitpaw in South Karana only to find that a single Druid was already camping the whole damn place. Running around in his cute little doggy form, kiting everything that moves to earn himself a ton of exp and plat and then being noble and gracious enough to offer up his spot and some free teleports to anyone in the zone before leaving. Bastards.

Paladin (World of Warcraft)

Stun locks, high damage, Lay On Hands, invulnerability. God, I hate these guys in PvP battlegrounds. They kick my ass constantly and make me want to scream. I get it. You’re overpowered. Please stop hurting me! I hate Paladins in WoW so much, I’ve started my own. And he rocks. Sweet. Now I’m looking forward to kicking some battleground ass – just hope they don’t get nerfed…

So, what MMO classes do you hate?

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  1. Personally, I don’t like any class. I’m more of a skill-based person myself. ;)

    But, specifically, I’ve never really liked Rogues in most games for most of the same reasons you hate Brigands in EQ2. The class seems to encourage the “ganking” mentality too much. Sneak around in stealth, then knife someone in the back when they’re low. Run away while the victim’s friends are howling for your blood. Bonus points: sneak back and kill another one of them again. I remember this a lot in DAoC when I played, and I was a heavy armor wearing class!

  2. spinks says:

    I’m not really fond of WoW paladins. I think they have this issue that they were specifically designed to be easy to play, so they’re not as involving as other classes. But for balance reasons, they have to be just as good tanks/heals/dps as anyone else. So a paladin tank (for example) is easier to play and probably more powerful than my warrior — I end up feeling that I’m working harder just to stand still. It just bugs me even though I can see the sense in it ;) Plus they’re dull to play imo.

    I also didn’t much like the LOTRO loremaster. It is a bit of an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ class. Lots of different unrelated abilities. No overriding theme or play mechanic. Just .. cast random spells at stuff. Oh, and there’s a pet too.

  3. [...] Excerpt from: MMO Classes That I Hate [...]

  4. Jennifer says:

    Syp mentioned controllers from CoX as one of his favorite classes. For me, it’s the opposite. I hate feeling like I’m not directly contributing to the party in some way, and that’s the sense I get whenever I try to play a controller. I know debuffing, holding, and snaring are important in that game, but it’s still difficult to comprehend. If I’m not pewpewing or healing, I have trouble feeling valuable.

  5. Andrew says:

    I dislike playing both rogues and Paladins in WoW. (My paladin experience was during TBC when it took them FOREVER to kill things).

  6. Beej says:

    Playing against:

    WoW Rogue. After arenaing all through Season 1 and 2 as a Disc Priest (before the Disc changes), I think I hate rogues more than any MMO class I’ve ever experienced. And knowing a few people in real life who play rogues makes me generalize the entire class into a pretty generic adrenaline junkie/d-bag stereotype which I know isn’t entirely true, but helps feed the irrational disdain.

    Playing as:

    SWG Dancer/Entertainer/Musician. Oh, how my hologrind was tedious. It only took me around 8 days of constant unattended macroing and running looped macros to max out all of those profession trees. It was so terrible. I actually made some good connections in the game and quite a bit of money for the tips, but the mindlessness of those professions makes them by far my most hated of any MMO “classes” I’ve ever played.

  7. Ogrebears says:

    I liked playing a warrior but that was because i was a warrior.

  8. Jackie says:

    No love for Druids? ~sniff~ I have a druid as my main. Love the hell outta her. :P

  9. Gordon says:

    Druids are far too good and nice for me to like :)

  10. SmakenDahed says:

    Hey cool! I remember NYAA! Not Your Average Adventurers :) I was in Prime Syndicate but left to head over to Final Door.

    I’d have to agree with the Warrior in EQ1. Very dull. Compared to the hybrid tanks they didn’t have as easy a time pulling or holding agro (until some changes were made). /shieldother (or whatever it was) was sort of gimp too. What kind of bone was that?

    I hated the WoW Priest. Soloing with it was a pain and most people only wanted to solo. Tack on any DPS class and you could crank out the quests easily enough, but solo? You had to go Shadow. :(

  11. Gordon says:

    Hehe, yeah NYAA were a great guild. I had a few characters with them.

    The EQ Warrior was exceedingly dull – I’m so glad MMOs since then have had to the common sense to give melee classes interesting attacks and abilities. Only being able to Taunt and Kick was utterly frustrating.

    As for WoW Priests. I actually don’t mind soloing with Shadow or PvPing with Disc but I’ve decided that healing is not for me :)

  12. Some good information up here, thanks man. The release of Cataclysm is driving me crazy, at 1 time it was supposed to be out in Feburary 2010, currently it’s supposedly Nov 2010!

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