International MMORPG Release Dates – And How They Piss Me Off

It’s now official. Aion will be released on Tuesday 22nd September in the US of A and Friday 25th September in Europe. I know it’s petty, I know it’s silly – it’s only three days difference after all – but still, bloody hell, that announcement really irritated me. Yep, that’s right, My name is Gordon and I’m a European and that makes me a second class citizen in the eyes of the Western world.

We do have electricity here in Scotland, y’know. Some of us even have “com-pu-tas” and amazing mechanical horseless carts that magically transport us from one location to another. I even heard of one chap in the village who had a bizarre black square stone that he uses to talk into and communicate with the spirits of those who happened to be in the elsewhere.

Honest to God, I cannot understand why us Europeans have to arbitrarily wait an additional three days just to play a computer game… which happens to be served and distributed through the magics of the interweb anyway. I know the Yanks saved our bacon in dubya-dubya-too but it doesn’t mean we have to pay for it 60 years later by waiting three more days to play Aion.

Plus, let’s not forget the fact that we’ll probably be segregated from the rest of world too and forced to play on our own servers even if we so desired to interact with those from across the pond. Maybe if I wrote NCSoft a nice email and promised not to contaminate anyone in the bible belt with my left wing ideals they’d let me join the East Coast servers. Anything to get me away from the French guilds and continual overuse of the word ‘m8′ by British youths.

I just can’t fathom the decision and that’s why I’m so annoyed. I really thought we were making progress and moving away from this silly release date bias. Warhammer Online managed it just fine. As did The Lord of the Rings Online and Everquest 2.

Still, I suppose a three day delay is better than the three month delay of World of Warcraft. Thank goodness for Fedex, that’s all I can say about that.

Anyway, time to scurry back to my cave before the daystar sets. I heard crime is on the rise and I haven’t my wooden club with me.

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  1. Masaq says:

    Most US entertainment releases (Music, Film, Games) are released on Tuesday, whilst in Europe they are released on Friday. They could launch on Tuesday but the retail product is shipped to the shop for Friday. Maintaining retail support is important, so the online release date is set to the same day.

    And that’s it. No conspiracy. And really, three days? Not important.

  2. Gordon says:

    @Masaq Yeah I know it’s petty :) Still bugs me :) I just cannot understand this Friday thing…

  3. Masaq says:

    More to the point, why aren’t you complaining about getting it 10 months after the Koreans? :)

  4. Beej says:

    I’ve never understood the delay in getting games and movies to Europe, specifically the UK. It’s not as though they have to go through a great deal of extra localization because of language.

    I can understand the three days because of what Masaq says, but the months that happen a lot of times is ridiculous.

    I suppose the 10 months behind Korea was translation. Perhaps? Maybe? Permaybehaps?

  5. Sharon says:

    I know it’s annoying. Although I’m in the US now, I lived in Newcastle as a kid, and it drove me wacky that people here saw movies and tv shows before we did there. I can’t believe that stuff still happens. :( I guess it’s good that it’s only three days… but still…

  6. Thzerika says:

    UK and UK games retailers stock new releases on different days I heard.

    I really don’t see it as a big deal.

    Anyone with the collectors edition on preorder whether in the UK or US gets the ‘early bird access’ bonus and this is all kicking off on the same day for the whole of the West. And I guess if you care so much about 3 days, you care enough to get the preorder, so all’s good in the world!
    Oh, there will probably be a 6-8 hour time difference on the early-bird though because of timezones.

    I look forward to your rant post about how the sun rise is delayed in some countries. It really is a petty ball of gas!


  7. Gordon says:

    The sun rising in the East does actually frustrate me. Of course, I’m fortunate enough to live in the centre of the Earth – GMT :)

  8. SmakenDahed says:

    Laws. Laws in Europe are different so the lawyers have to dot more i’s and cross more t’s and investigate things like the EULA. Potentially licensing delays as well. Also, there is some localization involved to ensure nothing in game offends a given culture.

  9. Thzerika says:

    Heh. Thats what us GMT’s have been lead to believe anyhow!
    Judging by Aion the Koreans are mugging us off by living 10 months in the future.
    Is 9 hours ahead not enough?! Pah, the cheats. No wonder there’s no good sunshine left by the time it gets to England.


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