Champions Online To Integrate With Twitter

The Champions Online State of the Game report on the 25th June saw the announcement that you’ll be able to update your Twitter account with messages using a /tweet command. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter as much as the next guy (maybe even more so) but is this really necessary? Are we just going to be bombarded with constant tweets like “ding, level 5″ from now on?

This certainly seems like a very shrewd move from Cryptic. Not only to get they get to ride the social networking bandwagon but they’re essentially getting themselves some free marketing by letting players broadcast information about the game for them. I can imagine that thousands of Twitterers (or Twittizens… yeah I just made that up – go me!) tweeting about a new piece of equipment they just looted every 5 minutes will attract some attention.

I guess I would be less cynical if the integration actually allowed you to see your full home timeline and everyone else’s tweets. As it stands it will just be liking sticking cotton wool in your ears and shouting at people (OK, OK, I know that’s pretty much exactly all that Twitter is but please bear with me here guys – I’m trying to work up a rant). To me, Twitter is all about communicating and interacting with others – getting people’s feedback and thoughts is the entire point of it. Well, it’s still early days, maybe we’ll see this progress some more until it really is a full and complete integration.

So what do you think? Great idea or a cheap marketing ploy?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree that it will be more like shouting at people than truly communicating. Facebook statuses would work well with this system, as they are usually one-sided comments (especially before other people could remark on them). Twitter is much more a shared communication system, so being able to do a quick tweet from in-game won’t be too valuable if you can’t see what else is being tweeted.

  2. Beej says:

    If we can actually get a feed of other people to interact with, it could be a really interesting direction for an MMO. Otherwise, I think you’re right. It will just be shouting at the wind, but instead posting it in /1, we’ll be posting it in /tweet.

    Will /tweet replace general chat or trade chat?

  3. Jeremy S. says:

    I wish I could find the web 2.0 app I ran across years ago that was to offer an ingame heads up display(operating similar to how xfire does now) that was to allow players to have game-to-game chat windows live in their UI. So while they are chatting with other players in their game, they could also chat with other players and friends who were currently in a different game all-together.

    I think combining that with a social networking site like Twitter would be robust and offer unseen possibilities, while just adding twitter seems pretty 2-dimensional. Maybe we’ll see it flourish in unexpected ways but it seems to me that it will only appeal to an audience that wants to be heard.

    The best use, I can think of, would be for tournaments where an announcer gives a play-by-play via Twitter, in the same way you’d listen to a baseball game on the radio. That could be fun.

  4. Gordon says:

    @Jeremy S. Very cool idea. I actually like the concept of being able to communicate with all of your friends regardless of the game you’re playing. They had something like that in Everquest – cross server chat. Would be cool to be playing, say, WoW but still chat to people who are playing WAR.

  5. AC says:

    Are you serious? Cryptic/Atari thinks that the cross promotion with Twitter will get subscribers? Twitter is FREE! Like people will pay a monthly fee JUST to Twitter to friends that they are playing a game?

    Just an idiotic waste of time since half the stuff they promised for the game won’t be in launch, like they said it would be. Wow. Instead of all the cool features they promised, we can TWITTER instead? Way to go, Cryptic! You hit the social networking nail on the head!

    *head to deak*

  6. AC says:

    One more thing…

    How is it a good idea to socially network, outside of an MMORPG with others? I mean, the WHOLE idea of an MMO is the Massive Multiplayer Online feature in itself!

    This is like slapping a sticker on your forehead, advertising that you play a game that 99% of the population could care less about. The only people that will use this feature to communicate with their friends… that already play the game!

    It’s like sending a smoke signal to yourself.

  7. Gordon says:

    I think integrating with Twitter will definitely help Cryptic build intrest in the game and help promote it. Think about if you have a single player with a few hundred (or thousands) of followers constantly broadcasting “Just hit level 1 (via Champions Online” then it’s bound to attract some attention.

    But yeah, I agree, prioritising it over other important features is well, plain silly.

  8. [...] We Fly Spitfires has a nice article about Twitter in an MMORPG where I commented that I thought the only “good” use I could think of for it would be as an announcer to give play by plays.  It would be like the Twitter version of listening to a ball game on the radio. [...]

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