World of Warcraft Gets Twitter Add-On: TweetCraft

It was only a matter of time I suppose. Twitter has invaded everything it seems, including World of Warcraft. Now you can enjoy tweeting to your friends/internet buddies/random strangers about your activities in WoW or, better yet, spam everyone and drive them crazy by auto-tweeting every time you log-in, enter an instance or complete an achievement. Hurray! Now everyone on the Twitterverse will be able to acknowledge your existance too!

TweetCraft UI

TweetCraft UI

Someone has released an add-on for WoW called TweetCraft. It looks quite comprehensive and offers more functionality than the Champions Online Twitter integration. Apparently you can receive tweets as as well as send them but it’s unclear whether or not this means seeing your full timeline like you do on the Twitter website. I’m guessing it doesn’t.

I haven’t installed it yet even though I’m tempted to but I read an article on Mashable about it and they seemed to suggest that the add-on was a pain in the arse to install and not properly supported or authenticated by Blizzard. I’m very paranoid about installing excess crap on my computer so this made me hesitate. I’m not quite sure what the complete score with it is so I decided to hold off for now until I find out more about it. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who’s installed it but, if you’re at all in doubt, hold off like me.

I’m in two frames of mind about TweetCraft anyway. Twitter’s great, no doubt about it, but I’m getting a little sick of seeing it shoved down our throats everywhere. I’m a keen twitterer (although I have to say, I loathe all of the mindless spam that gets spewed out by some people every 30 seconds) but I’ve already got access to the website and an application for it installed on my iPhone. Do I really need to be attached to Twitter even when I’m playing my favourite MMORPGs? Plus I get the feeling I’d install this, use it twice, then never bother ever again.

Oh well, time to tweet about this article ;)

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  1. Wolfshead says:

    Why would anyone need to use Twitter while playing WoW? It just boggles my mind. When I log on to a virtual world I want to be completely immersed in the total experience which is why I don’t listen to any external music nor do I watch TV while I’m playing.

    Twitter is starting to become a religion. I think it has its uses but people shouldn’t let themselves too carried away by it.

  2. Gordon says:

    @Wolfshead Yeah, I’m inclined to agree :) Nothing like destroying the atmosphere of a raid than getting wiped because the main healer was too busy tweeting :)

  3. Beej says:

    I agree. I can see some limited functionality, but nothing that an alt-tab into TweetDeck or picking up my iPhone won’t do for me and do it better.

  4. Longasc says:

    I started using Twitter, too. But I do not see the use of it, it is not that every thought needs to be shared.

    And TBH, I prefer to use ICQ and run WoW or Aion in fullscreen-window mode.

    I already have a friendslists in these games, I would not like it if I get too many messages from the outside world while playing. There is something called immersion that nowadays erodes more and more, no need to poison a game with Twitter small talk, too.

  5. As the person who originally thought up TweetCraft and one of the people who helped build it, here’s a quick brain dump on motivations:

    - Time killer – There’s a lot of time to kill in Wow, whether it’s farming, crafting, waiting for a BG to pop, filling a raid, whatever, being able to scan Twitter messages is great.
    - SS or it didn’t happen – Being able to instantly upload and share your screenshots on the Web without the drudgery of going to your screenshots directory, finding the image, logging in to a file sharing site, uploading, then sharing.
    - Bragging rights – If you get the 2K+ Arena Achievement, you should brag :)
    - Being able to find out when your friends login to Wow. Warcraft needs a way to tell when friends are online and Twitter is a pretty easy way.

    Anyways, just thought I’d share some of the thinking,
    Dan Fernandez
    TweetCraft Project Coordinator
    (twitter: danielfe)

  6. Gordon says:

    @Dan Thanks for the comment, Dan. Your points are really interesting. I can definitely see a use for Tweeting when stuck on a griffon :) Is the app supported by Blizzard? Are we breaking any user agreements by using it?

  7. @Gordon

    No, the app/addon isn’t supported or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. We basically use the same techniques that Curse or WowHead clients use, and I don’t think they’ve spoken publicly against using those apps/addons. I did email “‘WoWUI[at]’ twice on the addon work we do, including AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft (an tool for AddOn developers), but outside of a “your message has been received” email, I never heard back.

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