My MMORPG History

I decided to copy Syp and Hudson and create a page which holds all of my MMORPG history. It’s quite a long list and pretty comprehensive although I can barely remember some of my characters from older games. I’m glad I did it now because I’m sure it will just get harder to remember (I seem to be turning into an old man rather quickly these days).

Looking at it and reflecting back upon all of the MMOs I’ve played is very interesting – boy, I played a lot of rubbish. Asheron’s Call 2 anyone? All I remember about that game was constantly getting disconnected every five minutes and it being a major disappointment. There are also a lot of fond memories hanging around too. I was quite thrilled to discover that Sony still had a record of all of my old Everquest characters and it gave me a chuckle to see that the first ever guild I created and led (the Outcast Legion) is still alive and kicking. Well, alive maybe, kicking maybe not.

Anyway, have fun checking it out. I’ll keep updating it over the years to come.

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  1. Beej says:

    I thought about doing this, but honestly, I played so many over the years for such limited and sporadic periods of time that I wouldn’t know where to begin. I know the major players I spent time with, and I’m content with that.

    I just wish I hadn’t gotten rid of some of the accounts. I’d love to have some of them to go back to in these MMO doldrums I find myself in.

    Thanks for making me nostalgic, Gordon!

  2. Ysharros says:

    I’m with Beej on this one — I can probably remember *most* of the games I’ve played (I know last time I did a roundup, I missed 4 or 5) and *most* of the characters I played in them, despite being a raging altoholic, but is it worth it?

    That said, I *am* probably going to do a “What/who I’m playing RIGHT NOW” page, especially since I’ve been luring a few folks back into EQ2 (only fair, I was lured back myself) and they have x-server chat.

    And indeed, thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane. :)

  3. Gordon says:

    Nostalgia is very fun sometimes :) I wish more MMORPG companies would do what SOE does and provide a characters page on their website (and also keep them for years to come). It’s so fun being able to look up some of your first ever MMO characters!

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