My Goals In EVE Online

Last week I wrote about defining goals in MMORPGs and talked about my ultimate goal of piloting a Megathron in EVE Online. I got some awesome feedback and advice from everyone and since then have been thinking about how I can realistically achieve this goal, one step at a time.

Turns out owning and operating a Megathorn is no simple feat and requires a fair amount of planning and investment. Not only that, but I quickly found out that one shouldn’t be in a eager rush to obtain such an expensive trophy lest the big boys on the block decide to take away my new toy from me. Perhaps a good idea for me to slowly figure out the game as I work up to owning my highly prized battleship.

1. The Cormorant

Cormorant Destroyer

Cormorant Destroyer

Step one for me is the Cormorant, a Caldari destroyer. Originally I was thinking about bypassing destroyer class ships all-together and going straight for a cruiser but after a bit of reading I discovered that this ship could make a decent salvager and a reasonable miner thus letting me earn a steady income. Plus, I was getting bored of my little Merlin frigate. Although my race is Caldari, I’d already learnt the Gallante Frigate IV skill so it was a toss up between piloting the Cormorant or the Catalyst. I went with the former because it simply looks nicer. Vanity will, quite laterally, be the death of me no doubt :)

I picked one up today and have already made it’s cost back by salvaging wrecks from level 1 missions. I’m gonna try a bit of mining too but I think I’ve just found my preferred source of income.

2. Exequor/Thorax

Exequror Cruiser

Exequror Cruiser

After I can work up the three or four million ISK it will cost me to buy and fit a cruiser, I plan on upgrading to either the Exequor or Thorax. As far as I know, the Thorax is the superior combat ship but the Exequor is more versatile allowing me to use it as a salvager and/or miner and supplement my income further. This is also were I make the full switch from Caldari ships to Gallente. As much as it pains me to leave my beloved Caldari State ships behind and betray to using ships produced by the Gallente Federation (who are off FRENCH DESCENT /scream), they just look so much darn cooler.

3. The Brutix

Now we’re getting working up to playing with the big boys. The Brutix not only apparently fills the role of miner quite aptly but it also makes a perfect blaster boat, exactly what I’m looking for. My perferred style of combat is definitely the ‘up close and personal’ kind – I love to see the whites of my enemies eyes before I send them to meet their makers.

4. Finally, the Megathorn.

Ah, yes. The prize. Beautiful and deadly. If Matthew McConaughey was a ship in EVE, he would be a Megathorn. I’m looking forward to this like a fat boy is to cake. One day, oh yes one day, Mat… the Megathorn will be mine and I’ll finally be the hyena that gets to swim with the sharks and bears.

So, there you have it, my goals for EVE Online in four simple steps. I’m still figuring things out as I go and I’ll be the first to admit that I still have a huge amount to learn but I feel good knowing what my plan of action is. It gives me some reasonable targets to try and achieve, keeping me from feeling completely overwhelmed by the freedom and complexity of the game.

Spotted a flaw in my master plan? Got any general tips or advice for me? By all means, please let me know.

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  1. Welcome to EvE-Online! I’ve been playing on and off for about 4 years and no other game has ever gotten close in terms of depth or longevity.

    Fly safe!

  2. Gordon says:

    Thanks :) I’m looking forward to discovering more about it :)

  3. Jesse says:

    With the bonuses, extra turret, and your affinity for blasters I would think the Thorax would be the better choice over the Exequror. Especially since you can keep the Cormie in the hangar for salvage. If you were running missions with other people the Exequror would shine, but beyond that destroyers and battlecruisers make much better salvage ships since they have more high slots for plenty of tractor beams and salvagers. Also, if you haven’t already you should invest in some minimal drone skills to maximize your damage in Gallente ships.

  4. Rosehip says:

    Just don’t try to attack a drone like I did when I got my thorax. Concord very quickly removed the thorax from me in one mighty explosion. :( (

  5. Tipa says:

    Heh… Welcome to the Federation!

    My preferred ships are Tristan for speed (replaced with the Comet in a bit), Catalyst as salvager (four salvagers, two tractors and two rail guns in high power slots), Vexor as my cruiser and Myrmidon as the battle cruiser. Being Gallente, I like diving into the middle of a group of enemies, taking aggro, getting all that good tank going, then surrounding myself in a cloud of Hammerhead IIs plus any drones I get as loot. Thusly, the Dominix will be my first Battleship, sometime in October after I have Core Competency Standard trained.

    But yeah, I do like the looks of the Megathron. I want. But that Hyperion looks pretty nice as well.

  6. fazerboy says:

    Good plan there …. The Cormy is a great ship for salvage …. you dont need any specila skills to bundle that together as a salvager… thorax is a really fun ship to fly ….i fly the T2 version of it for PVP and has been known to kill a few battleships, iv had about 700dps with that baby :)
    the Brutix is a great all round ship where you can have a great armor tank on it and do exceptional damage in PVP as well as PVE … cheep to replace if need be

    have you got yourself a corp yet ? if not give my main character a shout in game ( name: Hmm uk ) im a director of a corp where we have a load of guys from all over the place but quite a lot of scottish like ourselves :) …..we have a good laugh and can make the game more fun :)

    • Gordon says:

      I may well take you up on that corp offer. I applied to EVE University and was planning to join them but I just discovered that they are at war and raised their tax rate to 100%!! Not good for a noob like me trying to make a living.

      • fazerboy says:

        not a problem mate ….. our corp dose a bit of everything in eve from Mission running to PVP as well as invention reserch wormhole exploration etc ….. i got your evemail and ive replyed …. see you in game :) fly safe :)

  7. Twan says:

    How many hours a week are you planning to spend to attain those goals?

  8. Chris says:

    If you are just doing PVE, i’d recommend training your drone skills and getting a vexor rather than thorax. The vexor will rip through level 2 missions.

    If you get fed up running missions (and it only took me a couple days) and decide to try PVP, stick with your frigs. It’s not a case of being able to afford a cruiser – it’s a case of being able to replace it 10 times over…

    Also, at the risk of sounding like someone on the eve forums, just because you have the spaceship command skill that says you can fly a ship, doesn’t mean you can FLY the ship. Don’t neglect your support skills for the sake of getting in the biggest ship possible, as quickly as possible. Every pirate in New Eden wets themselves with excitment at the thought of a n00b in a big ship they can’t fly properly :o )

    Fly safe!

  9. JC says:

    Cormie’s a good dessie, but the Catalyst is probably better overall. Cormie can snipe out to 100+km with the right skills and fitting, but only fits 7 guns. A Catalyst can fit a full rack of 8 guns, and is a bit faster to boot.

    The only reason I prefer the Cormie to the Catalyst as a salvager is that I can put more cap rechargers in the mids and thus don’t have to worry about capping out while running all the tractors and AB. Catalyst only can 1 recharger.

    Of course, my capacitor skills are a lot better now. For all I know I’d be fine on a Catalyst now. But I salvage with a Hurricane now, so it’s kind of a moot point ;-)

  10. Captain Politics says:

    You should join a good corp as soon as possible. They will help you alot more than anything you can read on forums etc, (they might even give you a megathron for free)…

  11. Jeremy S. says:

    I’m getting closer and closer to warping on over to EVE.

    My increasing love of crafting/auction house activities have found me still unfulfilled.

    Maybe EVE can satiate that.

    • JC says:

      EVE’s market system is really complex. Something like 66 regional markets, though the Forge region with the Jita system is the biggest trade hub. You can trade within or between regions, but it’s usually best to have “scouts” out in the other regions to check the markets there. It’s faster than flying all over creation, anyway.

      The various trade skills don’t take long to train. I’ve got about 550,000 SP in trade is all, and don’t see that I really need (m)any more, and since I train about 1.8 million SP per month, it only took about 12 days to get there. If you start a new character on a trading path, the double-speed training you get in the beginning should more than cover you.

      CCP has an economist studying their markets. this is the latest Quarterly Report.

      FWIW, there are in-game price trackers and trend graphs and such also. They help quite a bit.

    • Gordon says:

      I think you’d really like EVE. I’ve barely stratched the service of what it has to offer in terms of crafting and buying/selling but I can tell you that it’s hugely deep. Vast in face. People make fortunates just by commodity trading, it’s crazy!

  12. 00sage00 says:

    Those are all good ships to aim for. And welcome to Eve. :)

    1. As some others have commented already, the Catalyst is slightly better for PVE (the only good PVP destroyer is the Thrasher, the Minmatar destroyer).

    2. I’d suggest just going for a Thorax. Use your destroyer for salvaging (4x tractors, 4x salvagers, 1x afterburner, 1x mwd), not a cruiser. The Exequror is a good ship for remote repping (2x remote armor repairers, 4x medium armor repair drones), but you won’t really need that until you start fleet PVP. The Thorax is great at PVE and PVP, and well worth the cost. And as for mining…well, don’t mine. If you like PVE or PVP, mining will bore you.

    • Gordon says:

      Thanks a lot for the advice.

      Do you recommend getting a tractor beam for salvaging? And are 4x salvagers really necessary?

      Think I’ll probably go for the Thorax than instead of the Exequror (even though it looks cooler!). Everyone seems to be recommending it.

      And yeah… I don’t think I’m going to make a good miner :)

  13. Gremrod says:

    The mega is a goal you will hit to only find out there are many other goals you will want to hit!

  14. [...] original goals from July last year still stand and I think they’re a good place to pick up again. Working up the skills and ISK [...]

  15. Dustin Moore says:

    This space stuff is way over my head but sounds sweet. I’m used to the typical fantasy style MMO where you have just your armor, sword, and spells. I think this could be a good change of pace for me.

    P.S. This is really just a ploy to stalk my favorite blogger.

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