WoW Armory iPhone App Review

I love my iPhone and I like nothing better than a slick and sexy app for it. There are tons of fun games and useful bits of software to help you do anything from find a restaurant to identify a piece of music to, gee I dunno, get out of a toilet if you accidentally lock yourself in (that app is called THE PHONE CALL if anyone is wondering). My favourite apps are the ones relating to MMORPGs. Maybe I’m just a complete addict but I enjoy tinkering around with my talents or what not whenever I’ve got a few minutes to kill.

Character Profile Screen

Character Profile Screen

There are already several World of Warcraft apps available for the iPhone and I’ve got a few of them although the only one I used on a regular basis was WoWTalent (a talent calculator as the name suggests). I say “was” because now it’s been made pretty much redundant, along with every other WoW app, by the release of the official WoW Mobile Armory by Blizzard. It’s quite possible one the best iPhone apps I’ve ever used. Slick. Quick. Intuitive to use. Packed with content. And absolutely 100% free.

The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory came out a few days ago and I quickly downloaded it to my iPhone. I’m used to apps running reasonably slowly and being quite clunky to use – trying to set talents with a touch screen was always quite painful – but the WoW Armory is absolutely everything you’d expect from Blizzard. It runs beautifully and is extremely easy to use. The talent calculator for instance pops up with a full description of the talent when you click on it along with a minus and plus button to enable you to allocate points. A huge improvement over the WoWTalent app.

Talent Calculator

Talent Calculator

Of course, WoW Armory doesn’t just stop at being a talent calculator. It’s a character profile viewer, allowing you to see all of your character’s equipment, stats, achievements, talents, glyphs, arena teams, and guild information. The app also has a news system, a generic calendar, a leaderboard and an item browser. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, you can also browse through all of the members of your guild and view their stats and items. All of this functionality is packaged into an attractive, simple and, above all else, very easy to use and responsive interface.

So it’s pretty obvious that I like the WoW Mobile Armory. What isn’t to like? The only thing that makes me slightly sad about it is that it’s going to destroy the competition, some of which (like WoWTalent), are used to supplement the income of amateur developers in this time of recession.

Hopefully we’ll see more iPhone apps of this calibur for other MMORPGs. I’m playing around with a few for EVE Online currently and will probably blog about them at some point however they pretty much can’t hold a candle to the WoW Armory in terms of content and polish. It’s also really cool to see mobile apps and MMOs become more heavily integrated. There are so many aspects of MMORPGs which could easily be controlled by mobile applications outside of the game (talents, auctions, guild chat, calendars etc) and it’s exciting to see it develop.

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  1. Fizzie says:

    Want this for EQ2!

  2. Longasc says:

    I am sorry to say, but I do not see the need to carry around a character planner or access to the WoW armory on my phone… :)

    • Tesh says:

      I don’t see the need for an iPhone in the first place, m’self, especially in this economy. ;)

      • Tesh says:

        That said, having worked on an iPhone application myself (a port of one of our NinjaBee games, Kaloki Adventures), I have an appreciation for great design on the machine. It’s a weird machine to work on, and I’ve got to give Kudos to Blizzard for making a product that has been getting great reviews for usability.

        • Gordon says:

          The UI is superb, really superb. I’m so used to clunky applications that this was one was a real shock in terms of how easy it is to use. Useability is one of those things that incredibly important but so very hard to get right.

    • Gordon says:

      I think I’m just a super geek and MMO obsessed :) I like nothing more than sitting on the toilet and playing with my talents :)

    • Ginncrotz says:

      “I am sorry to say, but I do not see the need to carry around a character planner or access to the WoW armory on my phone”

      I do.

      “I’m kind of hungry, should I stop for a quick bite, or a longer tasty meal? Hrm, am I signed up for a raid tonight?”

      Check phone, make correct restaurant choice.

      Alternately, some events are “first signup, first picked”. If you work when the events are posted you aren’t first signed up. Unless you can check the calendar on your break and sign up.

      Looking at character profiles? Assigning talents? Naw, I don’t see all that much useful there. Mildly entertaining, but not so much with the useful.

      If I could check my WoW mail, and play with the AH though…that would be something.

      • Gordon says:

        “If I could check my WoW mail, and play with the AH though…that would be something.”

        It will come, no doubt. Already developers like CCP are slowly introducing things like this and it’s going to make the iPhone a very, very powerful device.

  3. Jeremy S. says:

    Very nice. Is it iPhone exlusive or is it avaiable for a variety of smartphones?

  4. Veksar says:

    I like this app as well. I just have one complaint – you can’t access the arena ladders. >_<

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