EVE Online iPhone Apps

I was considering not bothering writing this article because, quite frankly (and sorry if this ruins the conclusion of the post for anyone), all of the EVE Online iPhone apps I’ve found are absolutely, utterly terrible.

As every regular reading knows, I love my iPhone. I mean, I really love it. Not just in the way a man loves a fine cigar, but completely in the way that a man loves a fine woman. So throw in my borderline obsession with MMORPGs and you’ve got a person who scavenges the App Store daily looking for MMO apps to play around with at every spare moment. So suffice to say I was pretty chuffed (British word, meaning ‘happy’) when I discovered not one, not two, but three iPhone apps for EVE.

EVE Tracker

It doesn’t work. Yep, that’s right, it doesn’t. Even. Work. I cannot for the life of me get it to accept my API key. I’ve tried creating new keys, manually typing them in, copying and pasting, and even using the built in web site parser tool (which doesn’t work either). It’s a complete dud. Very frustrating because I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to get it working.


It doesn’t work. Starting to sense a theme here? When I click on the button to add my API key, it crashes out. That’s even less impressive than EVE Tracker which at least let me enter my API key before refusing it. What is it with these apps?


Capsuleer Screenshot

Capsuleer Screenshot

Yay, it works! It’s already beaten the other two apps by simply functioning correctly! So what amazing things does this app allow me to do? Well… it lets me see my pilot stats. OK. It shows me what skill I’m currently training. Uh-huh. It shows me what skills I already have and know I have. Right. It shows me ‘headlines’. Great… Don’t get me wrong, these are quite handy things to have, I suppose, but the app didn’t exactly me blow me away in terms of functionality. I was at least expecting to be able to view any and every skill (not just the ones I have) and perhaps even view certificates and create training plans. Such a shame. At least it’s free. That’s a bonus right?

Maybe I’ve just been spoilt with the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory but I can’t help but feel very disappointed with these EVE Online apps. I know they’re free and made by amateurs but still, I was expecting so much more. Maybe that’s my fault. I’ll just stick with EVEMon for now and perhaps, if I ever get enough spare time, contemplate making my own.

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  1. JC says:

    EVEMon is most definitely the shiznit. Even when I’ve got a long skill training, I still tend to open it up and look at my plans and such. Plus sometimes it’s fun to go to the ship browser and see just how long a titan would take for me to get into. . . .

  2. 00sage00 says:

    With Capsuleer, you CAN view all skills. Just open the skill browser and switch pilots to “all skills.”

    But I’ve got to admit, it’s quite disappointing. I would pay for more features; they need more devs.

    iClone did work for me the last time I tried it. It has far more features than Capsuleer, but it had a very poor interface.

  3. Kevin says:

    Even though you’re talking about iPhone apps I thought I’d mention a program for the computer and for EvE.

    EvE Fitting Tool: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=548883

    Fly safe!

  4. Katrein says:

    I am wondering why most of the bloggers have reviewed iPhone games where i think most of people are searching for series apps on iPhone, just get hold on “iwound” the fashion and art mag application is there any other such app available on iTune ?

  5. Yeah, Capsuleer is the best of the lot. It has one other feature you didn’t mention; shows your current bank balance. That may not be exciting to you now, but when you’re juggling 500m ISK worth of orders every day it’s handy to see how things are going.

    Eve’s API is pretty limited. There is a downloadable transaction log available, I sure wish some app would take advantage of it. Of course the API is read-only, you’ll probably never be able to change skills or make orders via an iPhone app.

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah true, it’s good to see what cash you have. Also shows your skill points which is kinda useful (it told me that I was over my insurance limit). Still, I was expecting so much more. A skill planner and certificate planner would’ve been really nice.

  6. Spacemanbob says:

    Capsuleer just put an info update talking about the things that they are working on for the next update. Looks promising for better interfacing. Along with that is the fact that CCP is making apps that will allow you to interface with the game. Just read the blogs on their site about COSMOS.

    It would be nice though to have a skill training app to mess around with or an EFT tool on the iPhone. Guess we will have to be patient.

    • Gordon says:

      A skill training app would be very useful – being able to queue up a skill without logging in would be great if you’re away or really busy.

      • Remanent says:

        There is nothing that will allow you to affect the in-game skill training, or skill queue. EVEMon will allow you to make plans, and as Roc Wieler mentioned, Capsuleer is getting something soon as well. These programs cannot set ingame skills though, so if you know you’re going to be off a time, set something lenthy, like a ship / gun / whatever skill to level 5.

  7. Among the great number of Massive Online Multiplayer Games I prefer those with intuitive navigation, a comprehensive user interface, and a unique graphical player guide!!!

  8. Roc Wieler says:

    Just a heads up regarding Capsuleer. Version 2.1 is in the works, and will feature an items database, an Agent Search tool, skill planning, a revamped Skills section to function more like ingame, Faction Warfare stats, and more.

    Might be worth giving another look if you’ve foolishly removed it from your iPhone :P

  9. Browneye says:

    You can see every single skill, you just don’t know how to use it I guess. When looking at your skills u select change pilot and it has the option of all skills. Also an entire item database is on it’s way, just takes time I guess! But the other two are rubbish, not even working :-/

  10. Hey,

    I made a game for the iPhone more or less based on “SecWars”, the minigame from the Walking in Stations Video by CCP.
    It’s not really an EVE App, still many EvE Players might be interested, feel free to send me mail if you like it or have suggestions about it :)

  11. Random Dev says:

    You do realize that making these apps costs money and time, right? Most developers get tired of shovelling out more than $100 a year to churn no profit, and have a bunch of whiney little brats complaining that their FREE app isn’t working “right now.”

    I think most developers have moved on to greener pastures. You know… the ones with paying customers instead of petty little pricks.

    But… judging by your comments, you must be a programming star!! Up, up, up and away with you, my boy! Make us that shining EVE app that no one else seems to be able to! And pay $100 a year to support it so that it’s not a broken down piece of slag like the first two apps you’ve mentioned. You know… the ones built by devs who got sick of the constant whining and terminated support.

  12. eagle275 says:

    Just in case nobody mentioned this before …

    Eve tracker does work – its just a bit tricky to get it working ….

    Add Apikey – then switch to manual pilot-selection .. it should show you already the Pilots in your Account … now comes the annoying part .

    select one of the pilots – and it doesnt appear in the main view, repeat – again no change

    do this several times (up to ten “10″ times) – then see the bottom line in main-view – validate or something alike . tap it until it shows a hook – then try “add pilot” at the top – eventually it will succeed.

    BUT .. Eve tracker needs hard reworking … it doesnt even know the T3 ship-skills and the subsystem skills needed to fly one …

    for my main account it shows : Unknown Skill (30552) 3 (meaning to level 3) .. as i know my skill training queue, it has to be one of the T3 subsystem skills that i’m training .

    On the other hand I have to say : if you manage to get it started , which is a bit tricky (see above) its not bad , easily switching between pilots, you see balance , total skillpoints – some general stats (pilot gender, race, Corporation) all attributes – and even detailed information on skills you have trained and not maxed out

  13. Postes says:

    @dev alot of free games put advertisements in

  14. Hamalama says:

    If youre still looking for an Eve online App, try out “Eve universe”

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