Heading To Japan

Chances are that when you read this I’ll be flying over Siberia on my way to the Land of the Rising Sun. What crazy foreign adventures await me? Hopefully nothing too crazy as I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of sun, rest, good food and ultimate geekery as I drag my wife around Akihabara, forcing her to translate my geek speak into Japanese so I can communicate with the local otaku. Of course, maybe something cool will happen to me, like getting into a fight with a ninja. Not a real ninja mind, cause they’d kick my ass, maybe just a small child who’s dressed as one. Yeah, I reckon I could kick a kid’s ass and earn the respect of my parents-in-law as I do it. Karate chop!

Adventures In Japan Await

Adventures In Japan Await

I have every intention of continuing to post articles when I’m away (I’ve even set up a few pre-written ones on timed delayed release to keep you folks entertained) but chances are they will be a bit less frequent than I usually manage. They will also likely be a lot more orientated towards funky things in Japan and I’ve already got a few ideas for articles about the more geeky side of the country that I hope you will enjoy. じゃあね!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hope you left a long skill training…

  2. Twab says:

    always wanted to travel there, someday!

    have a safe trip

  3. Nithe gamer says:

    Enjoy Japan. Looking forward to going there myself someday.

  4. ogrebear says:

    Damn i am jealous i want to go to Japan now!! (Well i wanted to go after a few of my co-workers went on a 2 week trip to Japan)

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