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Coincidence or shrewd planning, I don’t know, but I received two emails yesterday offering me discounted lifetime subscriptions to MMORPGs. The first was from Codemasters (the European distributor for Turbine), offering me a limited offer 50% discount on Lord of the Rings Online (apparently I had been “randomly selected” but I’d bet they sent the email to everyone) and the second was from Cryptic Studios offering me either a discounted lifetime subscription or a discounted six month subscription for their forthcoming MMO, Champions Online.

The LotRO lifestime subscription is being offered to me for only £75 ($127) and I’m pretty tempted to take it. I own both the original game and the Mines of Moria expansion but have barely played them although I keep considering it. I’ve heard it’s a great game and has all of the depth and group orientated play that I enjoy but I’ve only dabbled with it in the past and never fully gotten into it. It’s certainly on my list though which makes the lifetime subscription very appealing because it means I can play it any time for as long as I want without worrying about ongoing costs. £75/$127 is also a very reasonable price but I need to make my mind up fast as the offer expires on the 10th August.

Cryptic Studios don’t say what percentage their discount is but their offering me a lifetime subscription to Champions Online for £119.99/$199.99 and a six month subscription for £35.99/$59.99. They’re also offering adding incentives with each deal, including vanity pets, extra character slots and costume sets (depending on which deal you pick) plus guaranteed access to the Star Trek: Online closed beta regardless. Pretty sweet. It’s also very interesting how they are leveraging the Star Trek: Online beta as an incentive for Champions Online.

I’ve pretty much disregarded the lifetime subscription for Champions Online. It’s a lot of money to pay for a game I’ve never even played and don’t know a great deal about. However, I’m seriously considering the six month subscription as it’s actually a very reasonable price plus getting into the Star Trek beta would be quite cool.

So what do you guys think? Should I go for the discounted LotRO lifetime and Champions Online six month subscriptions? Do you think they are good deals? It adds up to a fair amount of cash but maybe it’s worth it in the long run.

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  1. Longasc says:

    What a coincidence! My LOTRO 14 day trial is running out next Saturday. They did not make ME this offer, bastards.

    Though I would probably not take it. You are quite right, it is great, but somehow it does not really drag me in.

    There is a major difference between LOTRO and CO lifetime offers: Cryptic asks you to buy a pig in a poke, NDA not lifted, many people know jack shit about the game, no trial for them. Regarding feedback that I got of four beta testers, the game HAS issues.

  2. I paid $120 for a year’s worth of subscription a few months ago when Turbine was offering that for LotRO. If it had been lifetime instead, I would have snapped it up. :)

    As I said in another blog comment, the big drawback is that you have to buy expansions, still. And, for Champions, they’re offering micropayments, too. I’d be wary about that offer, especially since they’re only offering this before actual launch.

  3. SmakenDahed says:

    How long has LOTRO been out?
    How much have you played it?
    Is that telling that you keep meaning to play it but haven’t?


  4. Andrew says:

    Damn – SmakenDahed beat me to it. =)

    Lifetime subscriptions for MMOs are not worth it unless you actually plan on playing the game for a protracted period of time. A lot of people defy logic and claim that a lifetime sub allows them to play the game casually on & off when they want, but I don’t buy that logic….. if you want to play the game casually on & off, why not just pay the monthly sub for whatever months you do decide to play and leverage any reactivation offers that get sent your way?

    For myself I’d never buy a lifetime sub…. especially given my current mindset towards MMOs: I prefer to sample a wide variety (preferably on the cheap) than slap down a huge chunk of cash up front.

  5. Pitrelli says:

    Im in the closed beta for Champions Online and I can tell you it does need a bit of work but hey its closed beta!! What I can say is it does have the potential IMO to be a really fun game. Will it be for release? Im not so sure but I want to be there for the ride regardless

  6. J says:

    hey- figured i’d leave my 2cents here. lotro lifetime member and still glad i am. bought 3 lifetime accounts total (for family members far away) and we play it all the time since it first came out. it may seem there’s not much to do or not many things to drawn u in at the early stages, but that’s because it’s all intro and mostly solo stuff. you dont get the bigger things like conjunctions and all that yet. at later mid-high lvls, you start doing crazier things and having much more fun. the main key is that lotro is usually a group base game on higher lvl. it wasnt until recently turbine are listening to their crowds and making things a lot more soloing at higher lvl. find a GREAT kin (aka guild in other mmos) that you fit into. this is your main thing in this game. you find a great kin, and you’ll have a lot more fun then ever. anyways, that’s more than 2cents. gtg ;)


  7. Stabs says:

    I think it’s hilarious that they’re sweetening the lifetime sub with a Star Trek Beta pass. “Commit to our game for life but since you’ll probably be bored in a couple of months you can try our other game.”

    I wonder if there’s people who will buy a lifetime sub to Champs hop to Star Trek and buy a lifetime sub to that. Possibly the lifetime sub to STO will come with a pass to another game where you can buy yet another lifetime sub which will then let you hop to another game …

  8. Stabs says:

    PS: just realised – it’s the Guild Wars model with an extra zero on the end of the price.

  9. wilhelm2451 says:

    I’m pretty happy having gone with the LOTRO lifetime sub way back at open beta. I probably haven’t played as much as I thought I would, but the fact that the game is always there and I can play it for a weekend without having to subscribe for a month has its benefits, even if they are primarily psychological.

    As for Champions, the game holds little interest for me. And while I will undoubtedly go lifetime for Star Trek Online, sight unseen if required (unless it obviously stinks on ice), merely getting into the closed beta isn’t incentive enough to spend any cash on Champions.

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, I like the idea of being able to play LotRO at any time I want and not worry about cost. Plus it’s a very established game so I’m sure it will be around for a long time to come and keep improving as they bring out expansions. I also feel like I should be playing it because I already own the game.

      The discounted 6 month sub for CO is quite a good deal and gets you into the ST:O closed beta. I’ll probably go for it. Regardless of my curious for Star Trek, it’s a good price point.

  10. Andy says:

    I think the availabilty of a lifetime subscription is a good thing, I like the option being there and am always tempted to buy one for lotro. I haven’t played lotro much, I have both expansions and resub every now and then but I don’t have a problem forking out for a lifetime sub as personally I think it would suit me. I’d like to drop in now and then whenever I wanted and it is a game and world I am very excited about seeing develop, as I know where it’s heading (roughly, depends on how the devs want to take it).

    With Champions, I like that they have added the option but I don’t like the deal involved. I like the game but would need to know the game fairly extensively (ie. in a release environment) to truly weigh my options. The 6 month deal is alright I suppose but I think I could decide on a lifetime sub in less time than that.

    I like the option. I don’t understand why alot of people have being heavily criticising the idea since it’s a personal choice and very economical if you think you’ll benefit from it. I wish more games would do it.

  11. Tesh says:

    Interesting. I’d actually almost do that for LOTRO. It’s not the best game in the world, but that’s a vaguely tempting pricepoint. At least, assuming they stay online for more than two years from now, given the metrics I’m using for my own balance sheet.

    But yes, I still prefer the GW model. The only thing better would be a game like that that I could play offline if the servers crash (or if my home internet keeps going down like it has of late).

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, they’ve obviously picked that price point because it falls into the ‘tempting’ category. I dismissed the original proce (£150/$250 I think) because it was just too much but half of that is quite appealing.

  12. Longasc says:

    LOTRO Lifetime accounts sell for 200 EUR+ on eBay at the moment.

    Which also tells me people probably don’t intend to play LOTRO anymore in their remaining lifetime, but…

    Buy for 120, sell for 200… sounds good to me.

  13. aion kinah says:

    That’s pretty tempting offer but if you were to ask me, then I’ll suggest try them both especially if you’re into gaming. It gives you an option to play different games for a much cheaper price. Just came to my mind, for sure you’ll quickly grab it if it’s a wow lifetime subscriptions offer or might consider as well if it’s the upcoming Aion game which seems a promising game.

  14. Gordon says:

    The offer’s expired now and I didn’t go for it. Apart from the fact that I’m still on holiday and not using the Internet much (I’m barely in the hotel) I decided that it wasn’t really worth it for me. I mean, I think it’s telling that I own the game but have barely played it. The price point was very tempting but ultimately I realised Champions Online and Aion come out about 2 weeks after I get back from my holiday so I’m not sure exactly when I’d even get a chance to play LOTRO.

  15. In the words of the great Admiral Ackbar…

    ITS A TRAP!!!

    They sounded pretty scammy in my opinion.

  16. Johnny says:

    I tend to buy the Lifetime subs. So far the ones i bought it on are still up, and the one i skipped (Hellgate:London) is dead. Lifetime subs are worth it because of one fact, Theyre the cheapest alternative, eventually your paying to play pr month than you would have if u bought that lifetime. $100 isnt alot if u think about it. taking champions $15pr month that would be roughly 7months worth. so after 7 months you would be paying more than you would have. Although Never under ANY circemstances buy any lifetime subs at beta or closed beta. Thats just flushing cash down your toilet. If any game company does that, theyre going down and they know it so theyre just trying to earn alittle more cash before they crash. If champions is still alive later this year i can promise you theyre gonna throw that one out again.

  17. Bryant Abato says:

    Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 weeks searching for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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