Enter The Gundam

Something I love about the Japanese is there undying love for awesome stuff. I mean, they do cool things just for the sake of doing cool things. Take this for example – a giant replica 1:1 scale RX78 Gundam robot that they built on the man-made island of Odaiba, Tokyo. 59 feet tall and utterly awesome, it’s a site to behold.

Gundam Odaiba

Gundam Odaiba

Looking sexy in front of the Gundam

Looking sexy in front of the Gundam

If you want some hi-res photos or photos of it at night check out these posts over at Danny Choo and Shibuya 246.

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  1. I don’t think I will ever get sick of looking at pics of the scale Gundam. It’s a tourist spot and terrorist deterrent in one! :D

  2. Beej says:

    I don’t even like Gundam, but that’s awesome! I respect any community who allows fandom to be taken so far.

  3. wowgold says:

    It’s really a work of art and I think it’s still possible for them to make a real robot out of it. It only proves that they can create world of warcraft replica and I think the right timing is before the launch of wow the movie.

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