I Feel Famous (My Twitter Interview)

A couple of weeks ago Steph from IRGRL.com (yes, she’s really a girl!) asked if she could interview me for her blog. I was utterly flattered of course and couldn’t wait to impress her with my dry wit and British humour.

IRGRL is doing a series of articles about getting to know her Twitter followers and if want to check out my response to her interview questions then exercise your mouse fingers and click here.

IRGL.com is an excellent blog about gaming and geeky stuff and wins the We Fly Spitfires awesomeness award for managing to have a name based on both I AM Weasel/I R Baboon and Internet slang. Intentional or not, anything that pays homage to Micheal Dorn thrills me.

If you feel so inclined, you can follow @IRGRL on Twitter. Maybe she’ll interview you too.

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  1. IRGRL says:

    Was my pleasure, figure I would take social media twitter to the next level and try some real humanness!
    And yes, you are very perceptive on my name and where it hails from. Combinging the brilliance of David Feiss, the creator and the voices of mentioned Michael Dorn and Charlie Adler. Im a toon junkie (shhhh don’t tell anyone). So that and my love of the net one day inspired IRGRL.com
    I thank you so much for the interview, and know I will do a follow up on you def!
    Your blog is a joy and a pleasure to read.


  2. Stabs says:

    Very nice.

    I must say though this answer:

    “When did you decide to blog your gaming knowledge?

    Christmas Day 2008. Strange, I know.”

    made me think back to this answer:

    “She does get pissed when I overdo it though”

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