Word of Warcraft: Cataclysm Is A Hoax

The Internet has been awash with rumours about the next World of Warcraft expansion for a wee while now and there’s plenty to read about the “leaked” information. 5 new levels, a revamp of the original continents, no new classes… sorry, I just don’t buy any of it. I believe the whole Cataclysm expansion information to be nothing more than a hoax. Here’s why:

Content Revamp

Perhaps the biggest question mark for me is the idea of a content revamp. We’re expected to believe that dozens of originals zones will be altered as part of a paid expansion? Has no one considered that the fact that any changes to classic zones would have to be free as they would be accessible to every player, regardless of whether or not they actually bought the expansion. A classic content revamp simply cannot exist as part of a paid expansion,


Just because someone, one some website, came up with these ideas we’re somehow meant to believe them? There are completely unsubstantiated and utterly nonfactual. We shouldn’t believe it just because we want to. Blizzard are also very good at keeping tight-lipped so I would incredibly surprised if anyone there had truly leaked this out.


No disrespect to Blizzard but they aren’t exactly known for their innovation and risk taking. They play it safe and stick to releasing tried-and-tested formulas albeit incredibly well executed ones. This whole concept behind this expansion rumour seems far to risky for them.

So what do you think? Hoax or truth?

Update: Turns out the expansion is true and everything is official.

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  1. Longasc says:

    It is truth.

    You make an interesting point with the free access for everyone. Do not forget that a Cataclysm can also raise new Islands from the ocean and that there were hints at water mounts and all that already. Think of dungeons and new features.

    Do not be even more conservative than Blizzard and simply add a new hero class plus a new profession or something like that to the next expansion, man! :)

  2. Scarybooster says:

    I think what people believe is Blizzard is going to use phasing tech to alter the old world. That way people that only buy the original game will only see what once was. I’m with you though. I think the 5 level cap is a Blizzard joke and revamping the whole old world is bull. I do think they might tweak the old world so flying mounts can be used. When I say tweak, I mean finish the dead areas like Mt. Hyjal and other areas on the map but walled off. Phasing can be used but minor sections, like killing a world dragon or something. If Blizzard phases the the whole world in a catalystic way, you run into people spread into 2 huge worlds. It would be a desert. Large scale would stress people to hurry up and get to end game and they would loose a lot of players. Where is the carrot on the stick to phase out of Old World? It doesn’t make sense and Blizzard is screwing with our minds again or people are misunderstanding information. We will see in 2 days what all this Cataclysm bull is about.

  3. Jason says:

    They don’t even have to use phasing… copy, paste, alter… then give players a portal to bridge time and pass in to the world of the cataclysm. Done. Old world still exists, new version also exists.

  4. Andrew says:

    I think the “leak” is largely a hoax….. but am waiting for Blizzcon to actually comment on my blog about it

  5. I can see how it *could* be a hoax, but I’m mindlessly optimistic at this point. I loved WoW back in the day, but recently, it’s become a boring, waste of time for me. Revamping content I love and removing half of what I hate (leveling just to be able to see new content) is a surefire way to get me out of the doldrums. If the Cataclysm rumors actually turn out to be false, I don’t see myself buying the next “more of the same TBC/WLK-type stuff” expansion. I’d prefer the “more of the same” expansion based around content I actually like.

    • Gordon says:

      I’d be delighted if they revamped the content, utterly delighted. I enjoy WoW but there’s only so many times you can level up doing the same quests. Plus, the old world content is look pretty poor now compared to their newer stuff.

  6. Ogrebears says:

    Well i do this it is possible. When i read revamp of the old world i was thought more like redoing the old world zones for the level that they current are. Kind of like eq2 when they revamped some of the lower end zones.

    But they also said that some of the zones would be flooded, which would add to boundaries, and or even contitents..

    But ya after reading you post it doesn’t sound as likely.

  7. The 1st part is not true, they brought this phasing technic with WotLK, possible that addon-buyers see a world different from the others

    • Gordon says:

      Not really sure how that would work which is why it all sounds a little suspect to me. It’s possible that they combine it with a large free patch that alters some of the original content (for free for current players) and some new zones for people who buy the expansion.

  8. Masaq says:

    Does the phasing in WotLK ever alter the actual world geometry? It’s been a while since I’ve played but I seem to remember it only altering entity placement.

    I can’t see Blizzard revisiting what is to them 5-6 year old content without the ability to radically tweak and change it. I also can’t see there being much enthuisasm for this project on their part – and who really wants to go back to Desolace?

    Aside from that my hope/guess is they introduce Goblins as a playable race – but for both factions.

  9. Tesh says:

    Either way, it certainly has people talking. I dropped into my local hobby game shop last night, and there were a bunch of people there, and the loudest discussions were about WoW.

    Over tables of MTG and Warhammer.

    People *want* to be excited, so they are. Whether or not it’s good information, people are excited, and that’s significant. What might be especially telling is how people are reacting, and what parts of the “leaked” information they are excited about. Blizzard can be smart and get a read on the public’s desires by paying attention and keeping open ears in their local game shops. (I don’t count official forums. It’s far more interesting to me what gamers talk about when they are talking unprompted among themselves, blogs included.)

    • Gordon says:

      Ironically I think it would probably do Blizzard a lot of damage if it turned out to be false. I think people really are *that* excited about the idea of a content classic revamp. I know I am.

      • Tesh says:

        Agreed, if they don’t live up to that notion especially, they may well see significant backlash.

        I’m not currently playing WoW, but I’ve argued for Old Azeroth revitalization before, so I’m hoping they pull out all the stops and make it happen.

  10. Keen says:

    I’ve had multiple people message me in confidence with actual names of people from Blizz confirming it’s true. I have absolutely no way of confirming their claims, but they’ve never lied to me in the past.

    I hope it’s all true, but a large part of me believes it’s still not.

  11. [...] new revamp as part of the Cataclysm expansion? Not so fast — Gordon of We Fly Spitfires gives a list of reasons why it’s likely a huge hoax. But we’ll find out this weekend, as Blizzard will undoubtedly have something to say about it [...]

  12. elcman says:

    The baseline WoW content, for the long-term players, is tedious and long in the tooth. No expansions and revamps have touched the very basic areas of the game… and as this seems to be keeping players who have been there and done that (like myself who was part of the beta and quit playing years ago, but have friends who still play religiously) the best way to bring them back into the fold is to make new content that will reshape the whole experience.

    They’ve done everything they could to get people to end-game content faster knowing that is where there effort has always been. Now they are changing the face of the game. It was bound to happen… noting how OLD the game actually is now. It will be a free patch, I doubt they’ll upgrade only some of the world and not the rest. It just doesn’t make sense to do it like that. I guess they could? However, I think it’ll be more for the patch than an expansion… gating areas will keep people from using the new playable races and/or gaining the new classes for each of the current races.

    Simply said, things need to change on the lower end to freshen the game.

  13. Jason says:

    Looks like none of it was a hoax. The official announcement today included everything leaked.

  14. wilhelm2451 says:

    Yup… all as stated. What poor security on Blizzard’s part.

  15. Longasc says:

    Blizzcon news, just check Twitter people are going NUTS over Cataclysm. And for good reasons!

    Short Version: It was no hoax. It rather was the tip of the Iceberg!

    It is funny how Blizzard buries and trumps all excitement that other companies slowly built up in ONE press conference/convention with news about a mere expansion.

  16. [...] I’m gobsmacked. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is not a hoax. It’s for real and pretty much exactly as the ‘leak’ informed us. I’ll be [...]

  17. LaminatedSmore says:

    As far as I’m aware, there have been leaks before each expansion so far, just before Blizzcon, that have turned out to be true :)

    Also, I was fairly optimistic about the leaks because I can’t remember a time when MMO Champion posted some wrong information. So for someone who already has a reputation as someone who is almost always right to say that they’re super certain that the information they’re posting is right… means it’s probably right :P

    On another note – this looks so totally awesome :D It’s like a wow fans wishlist, lots of things that people have been wanting for ages all piled into one tasty bundle. Of course, people are still complaining about it :P

    I thought WOTLK was really great, but any new players have to go through the 60 levels of old world content that isn’t really up to standard anymore, making it possible that they’ll get bored and leave. This’ll hopefully fix this, meaning WoW will get even more players :O It’ll also make levelling alts way nicer (no more +spirit +agility gear, apparently :p)

    The Worgen and Goblin starting zones should be pretty sweet aswell, apparently they’re even better than the Death Knight zone, which was one of the defining moments of WOTLK for me.

    Although, this does leave me in a tricky position :( I was planning on leaving for The Old Republic when it came out, but now I have a dilemma …

    • Gordon says:

      I agree, the expansion sounds awesome. New races will be fun and revamping the content will make the entire game refreshing again for old players. I think hardcore peeps will complain about the minimal level increase but I think the majority of WoW players are pretty casual so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  18. Victor says:

    So now that the “rumor” is truth, perhaps an updated opinion piece? I was looking for stuff on Cataclysm and this was one of the top results. At first I though “Oh, it’s a shit opinion site.” Then I realised the date and no links from here to an updated article…

  19. [...] – but I digress). Seeing as how I balls up my original thoughts on Cataclysm many moons ago (I called it a hoax… turns out I was kinda wrong), I figured this time I’d get in their early and announce [...]

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