World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Is Official

OK, I’m gobsmacked. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is not a hoax. It’s for real and pretty much exactly as the ‘leak’ informed us. I’ll be damned.

As surprised as I am, I’m actually finding myself very excited about it all, far more than I thought I would be. I like to take pot shots at Blizzard for being unoriginal and always playing it safe (which I still reckon they do) but they always deliver incredible high quality fun content in all of their games. The Cataclysm expansion also looks like the first attempt by Blizzard to really push the boat out a bit and introduce some interesting features to the game along with a few wide sweeping changes (and risks as a result – always gonna be somebody who complains about the classic content revamp for instance).

As I questioned in my hoax article a couple of days ago, the complete content revamp of classic zones is actually going to effect every player, regardless of whether they buy the expansion or not. Quite a bold move by Blizzard as it shows their faith in people buying the expansion regardless. This is definitely the thing I’m most excited about as I’m looking forward to creating a new character and playing through brand new content – I’m so fed up of the current content I can’t face making an alt.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Class Combinations

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Class Combinations

The new class combinations are less exciting for me because I only play Draenei and they don’t get any new classes. C’mon, talk about xenophobia! Just because they’re alien gypsies it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get some love. Oh well, I’ll probably play start playing Worgens anyway.

The additional 5 levels (increased level cap to 85) is fine, in my opinion. In fact, it’s actually quite refreshing to see a MMORPG focus on reworking their lower level content and attempting to keep a balance to the game at every stage. I’m sure they will add plenty of raid zones and dungeons and new forms of progression to keep high level players happy although I bet plenty of hardcore gamers will be pissed by the news.

Finally, the addition of underwater mounts and the ability to use flying mounts over the original zones is fantastic. Blizzard really must have reworked everything, kudos to them. I can only hope that one day they update the character models and stop them all from looking like they’ve got terrible posture and chronic back problems :)

All good news about the expansion and I’m looking forward to playing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm when it comes out in December 2010.

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  1. Tesh says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty happy that they are doing most of what they are doing, as I noted in a quick pithy post at my place. Sometimes it’s nice to be proven wrong, eh? :)

    Of course, they didn’t make the one change that would have got them some of my cold, hard cash. Ah, well, can’t have everything, and I do think that the Old World changes are a smart move.

    • Gordon says:

      Agreed. They’re obviously looking at the bigger, longterm picture and not just at expansion sales. Plus, I bet they know that the huge hype machine they ride on will generate massive initial sales anyway.

  2. LaminatedSmore says:

    I hope that it’s out earlier than December 2010, and they’re trying for an expansion a year. I think that this November might be a liittle ambitious, but maybe mid 2010. Could be wishful thinking, but that trailer seemed pretty extensive, looks like they could have completed a lot of the content already.

    Hardcore players probably/maybe will be pissed, but the 5 levels means that they’ll get to the raiding quicker. Also, apparently Cataclysm will have the most raiding content out of the three expansions.

    “1:29PM Dungeons and Raids section, woo. “More content here than ever before.” Will still have just as many dungeons as before, but much more endgame.”

    I just watched , looks really nice. The tornado is epic :) The new water stuff looks sweet as well. Also made me think about how completed it’s looking again. If we think that icecrown should be fairly soon, and that’ll be cleared fairly quickly, the expansion is gonna have to hit soon or they risk losing people.

  3. Interesting. I might re-up for a month to fly around new old Azeroth, but not sure I’m going to be throwing down for the expansion. I’m pretty sure I’m done with high end WoW raiding at this point. It’s interesting that the changes will allow people to do that.

  4. Longasc says:

    I am pretty excited, but I think I am with Brian. I will hop on my dragon or griffin (god knows why griffins are griffons in WoW) and fly around till I have seen most of the zones.

    I am not interested in raiding anymore, and WoW is still a DikuMUD game. They plan to revamp stats and mechanics a lot, even more power solidified in the base attributes.

    Still, my WoW playing friends say the Coliseum is pretty boring and mobs outside of instances just die by looking hard at them. If all besides raiding is the usual daily quest rep grind I will not bother playing WoW 2.0.

    Maybe they will bother to give mobs back some power to fight back. Maybe they will, they will have to add new mobs in the new zones anyways.

  5. Qutazs says:

    Well.. Atleast now we get A LOT of what we asked for in the previous years of WoW ;) – Plus some stuff which is just absurd (LOOKING AT YOU TAUREN PALADIN!!)

  6. Legend says:

    A tauren paladin, goblins playable, worgen?! LOL :) ) I’ve one word for this ‘expansion’ which doesn’t really expand much anyway: PA-THE-TIC. No. Really. Pathetic. But hey, Blizz really needed to come up with something to bring some hype back to them, since the web is humming with news and anticipation for this fall’s release of Aion. Back to WoW, original WoW – great, TBC – allright, WotLK – disappointing, this new one – I already said it. Can’t wait to see a big fat cow wearing PINK and PURPLE pally outfits (Holy Cow – LOL) – that’s gonna be a treat for all them kiddies still stuck on what probably became the most noob-friendly MMO ever. Anyway, good job Blizzard, keep aiming for the kids while coming up with yet another failure as far as a seasoned MMO player is concerned. Guess WoW will die on it’s own if they keep this cr*p going..

    • LaminatedSmore says:

      Yeah, you’re right. Things like -

      look totally PA-THE-TIC. No. Wait. What’s the other one? Oh yeah, BAD-ASS :)

      (Particuarly the first one, tier 8. But that’s just a better looking set on everyone)

      Seriously, why is giving people more options pathetic? Why is making goblins and worgen playable aiming for the kids? I had no real opinion on the new classes before blizzcon, but looking at the information and videos released I’m excited for them. Both starting areas look awesome (apparently, it’ll be a better experience than the Death Knight starting zone), and the Worgen transformation looks awesome aswell.

      I’m not really sure what your point was :P You gave examples of 3 ways that players would have more customization options, and then called the entire expansion pathetic for aiming at the kids.

      Although you possibly are right that WoW is the most “noob-friendly” MMO, I don’t see it as a bad thing. It’s not like it’s impossible to be both newb-friendly (I think calling the game newb friendly is a far better assertation than calling it noob friendly) and a good game at the same time.

      • Gordon says:

        Blizzard is without a doubt aiming WoW at “global” gamers and is breaking away from any sort of hardcore, time consuming reputation MMOs might have. I think “serious” (if that’s the correct word) gamers will find it harder and harder to get what they want from WoW.

  7. Vape says:

    December 2010 is probably quite an over-estimate.

    At one panel, one of the speakers said something along the lines of “By next Blizzcon, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of people complaining about Goblin rogues.”

    • Gordon says:

      I’d love to see Cataclysm by summer 2010 but I highly doubt it. Remember, WotLK didn’t come out until Nov/Dec 2009 and it was announced in Blizzcon 2007. Plus just look at the delays with SC2 and Diablo 3 (rumoured not to be coming out until 2011).

  8. Keen says:

    They also said work started on this before WotLK, so perhaps they’re being timely this …time.

  9. Marie says:

    well… i’m sad to see the changes they made to the original world… :(
    some people (like me) might not be so pleased as to play with these additions. now darkshores toppled over instead of the peaceful serene land it should be, etc, etc.

    • wowgirl says:

      i agree…i loved playing darkshore and am sad to see it changed. but im trying to be optimistic even though its HARD. the new stormwind does look good though so theres always a silver lining :)

  10. [...] Update: Turns out the expansion is true and everything is official. [...]

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