EVE Online: Dominion – Titan Nerf and Facebook Fun

An interesting article over on IGN PC reveals some more information about the upcoming EVE Online expansion, Dominion. Apparently it’s going to overhaul the sovereignty mechanic, re-balance ship power and, oddly enough, introduce a Facebook style social network for player’s characters. That’s like just like totally like crazy, dude.

Who's Got The Biggest Ship?

Who's Got The Biggest Ship?

I haven’t engage in any territorial warfare (yet) but CCP have said that they want to simplify the way space is claimed. I have no idea how it’s currently done or how it will change so it’s all totally over my head. Something that’s sure to cause a stir though is the decision to nerf Titans – apparently their doomsday weapon is going to change from area effect damage to single target. Now I’ve never even seen a Titan before (I’m putting it up there in my “things to do before I die” category) but it sounds like a pretty large change to me. Other ships are also going to get rebalanced to keep up CCP’s motto of no one ship being being the best. They are also introducing a new bomber type fighter, a fighter especially designed to take out capital ships.

Dominion will also see the introduction of a new feature called COSMOS, CPP’s equivilent to Facebook for your EVE characters and corporations. Sounds bizarre I know, but the more I think about it, the more I can understand the motivations behind it. COSMOS offers essentially what you’d expect from any usual social networking site – a mini blog, status updates, friends list, email, pictures etc – and is likely designed with the idea to make it easier to facilitate communication between characters and corporations. I guess organising a war just got a whole lot easier.

Some other news which also sounds exciting is the decision that CCP eventually want to offer more and more interaction between online services outside of the game and your character inside. Expect the API functionality to eventually be scaled to allow you to actively train skills and buy items from the marketplace meaning you don’t need to log into the game to do it. I’m looking forward to that iPhone app for sure.

Overall some pretty sweet offerings even if they likely won’t effect me directly seeing as I’m still a newbie newb. Still, can’t complain at a free expansion. CPP are quickly becoming one of my favourite developers.

Oh and unfortunately we won’t be seeing the ability to get out of our ships and walk around space stations á la Earth & Beyond any time soon. It’s ok, I suspect my pilot has a bad case of muscular degeneration anyway.

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  1. Stabs says:

    The Titan change was a needed one. Originally it was possible to work around the Doomsday and still kill a titan with a fleet. Now people are stacking over 40 titans with the threat of multiple doomsday explosions.

    This means big fleet battles in 0,0 are often a matter of everyone hiding in stations and not coming out.

    It was an interesting superweapon about a year ago but now titans need a different role to being fleet-killers.

    We should see more fighting in 0,0 which of course means the trit price will rise. Good news all round.

  2. JC says:

    If the DD becomes some sort of 1-shot death star laser capable of taking out a dread or a mom then titans will still have an offensive role, just not one that nukes entire fleets anymore. I like the idea.

    Most of the faction ship changes look good too, so I’m pretty excited about the news and look forward to more as it comes out.

    • Gordon says:

      Thing is (I don’t know much about it all so this is just a guess) that Titans may end up being kinda pointless if all they can do is take out another large ship. I’m guessing they cost so much and take so long to make that it may not be worth the effort.

  3. vagueness says:

    I’m guessing we won’t see space station based walkabouts in EVE at all now they’ve announced Dust 514.

  4. [...] a lot of starship-sized paths to the power core. Gordon of We Fly Spitfires says the Titan-only 10k radius sphere of destruction is being made… single target. Now, I’m still an EVE noob, but even I can see why that is a Bad Idea. AE spheres of doom [...]

  5. mbp says:

    I like the idea of the bomber but I hope it is a frigate class ship piloted by human and not a carrier drone. I could see that going a long way to discourage “biggest ship wins” and put the emphasis on combined arms.

  6. tom hanks says:

    There is a bomber, its called a stealth bomber and you can fly those already.

    The new fighter bombers will be drones controlled by a carrier pilot. Should be fun. I am tired of carriers have pathetic weaponry.

  7. BinkSayres says:

    Saddly, the Fighter-Bombers can only be fielded by the Mother Ships…now renamed “Super-Carriers”. I understand their reasoning, and it’s a very small gripe…but a Nyx Super-Carrier just doesn’t have the same ring as a Nyx MotherShip.

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