Aion Character Pre-Selection

So I had fun with my Aion character pre-selection this morning. Finally finished patching the game, ran it, and was presented with a nice helpful screen of Korean. Awesome. Now, my Korean is a little rusty so I wasn’t able work out much beyond accepting the Terms of Service and randomly clicking on servers. However, it turns out I wasn’t the only one having this problem.

Mantooth, Asmodian Warrior

Mantooth, Asmodian Warrior

After checking the Aion Source forums I found a solution to this issue. Basically you have to rename your Aion installation folder to “AionEU” – my original folder was called Aion (US) – and then chose to install it again via the NCsoft Launcher. However, before you run the installation, right click on the tab, select Properties, and point the Install Location to your newly renamed AionEU folder. Doing this correctly will result in a minor 380MB download but if you don’t, the launcher will try to download the entire game again at it’s whopping 6GB.

Suffice to say, everything started to work and I was presented with my native language of English. I cancelled my order of Teach Yourself Korean from Amazon. Whew. I’ve absolutely no idea how a bug like this occurs as I used my installation for the betas and it ran fine. Very strange but at least it was easily fixable.

For those of you interested, I’ve created an Asmodian Warrior on the Perento server called Mantooth. Feel free to look me up either to say hello or engage me in brutal, manly combat. In line with my fetish for fat old men, I tried to make my avatar as old and grumpy as possible. Not bald this time but his beard is truly magnificant.

If you’ve got access to the European headstart, I’ll see you online tomorrow. If not, it will be Friday.

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  1. Longasc says:

    It is interesting what a multitude of problems people had and which workarounds worked.

    Some could not connect to the patch server, others not to the auth server, some scanners detected Aion as a virus, and well, I had to fiddle around with Vista’s host file to make Aion finally connect to the patch server. Aion also just disappeared from the game list of the launcher for some users.

    I personally had fun with the patch server, you with Hangul glyphs. :)

    Keen of “Keenandgraev” still did not manage to get past the auth server. I wonder if he tried the workarounds already.

    • Gordon says:

      Keen’s issue seems to be very strange and very hardcore. I think it’s likely a DNS thing with AT&T and they haven’t picked up Aion’s servers yet. Maybe it will come in time.

      My issue was surprising and funny but at least solveable.

  2. Stabs says:

    Big question is will he still look butch after he gets his fairy wings? Ding level 10 and show us!

  3. Hah, I love your humor in this article. Good stuff.

    Sounds like a though man pain man. That’s a weird thing to happen. Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here!

    By the way, love the beer belly. I’m tempted to make an alt that’s either fat or gollum like… but also fat. I haven’t decided yet.

    Either way, he’ll be packing a keg to the party. The six pack’s staying home =)

  4. nice article mate!!
    love your toon!! beer belly long haired brute!! ;)

    have fun!!!

  5. Rosehip says:

    You have a slight Sean Connery look about you Toothy.

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