Urban Ninja 2

A friend of mine sent me a link to a YouTube Video called Urban Ninja 2 and I thought it was fantastic. Obviously being a mid-twenties male I’m predisposed to find anything with Ninja in it incredibly cool but this video is actually genuinely funny. What’s not to like about a guy dressed up like a Ninja running around rural England freaking out the locals? We never had Ninja in the UK before so we’ve not built a tolerance to them yet. All kinda reminds of the film American Ninja which I saw when I about seven years old and loved ever since.

Head over to PunchRobert.com for more Ninja fun.

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  1. Look up the movie “Ninja Vengeance” if you love awful Americanized martial arts movies. I hate to even call it a movie, but you should definitely look it up.

  2. Sayaka says:

    Haha, that video was actually pretty good! I’ll have to check out his other YouTube stuff.

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