Inbreeding In Aion

Next time you’re playing Aion keep your eyes open for signs of inbreeding. You’ll probably be surprised at how abundant and rampant it is. Typical signs of inbreeding include avatars who are exceptionally large and brutish or utterly minuscule and tiny. These represent the two extremes of inbreeding known as gigantism and dwarfism. The more ugly and disturbing form of inbreeding though can be seen in a few cases when the avatar is fantastically deformed with hugely disproportionate limbs. Their name may also be rather strange and be either an attempt at comedy or reminiscent of redneck America.

A classic example of inbreeding can be seen below.

Inbreeding In Aion

Inbreeding In Aion

Unfortunately this sort of thing is inevitable when there are so few races available to encourage inter-breeding. Without the option to select an Ogre, Gnome or Dwarf, avatars are forced to be created in their desired style which often goes against the nature of the race in question. The result is of course is an immediate break from whatever immersion is currently being felt as one is reduced to fits of laughter over the poor, disfigured soul.

In all seriousness though, if you wish to see an example of a heathly, non-inbred population even when faced with limited race options, travel to Hyboria in the Age of Conan. There one can witness a diverse culture that has managed to thrive in the face of endogamy and produce attractive offspring and a large variety of uniquely appearing avatars.

P.S. Just in case you’re into this sort of thing, best check if marrying your cousin is legal in your state before booking the venue.

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  1. Gremrod says:

    I think it is awesome how people can tweak the look of your character in the game. It makes for great laughs and something you don’t see in other games.


  2. That is terrible, yet awesome at the same time. I love making my avatars gaudy and awful, so I applaud that monstrosity’s creation.

  3. It is alive!! IT IS ALIVE!!! MY creation!! Witness the power! Witness the beauty!!

    On my server there are some real ghoulish creations: gnomish size but oversized thin arms which almost reach to the floor… quite disturbing but still funny to look at!! Maybe I catch one and post the picture as well on my blog mate…
    We could even start a contest: Catch the ugliest creature!! Do you dare to challenge me? :D

  4. Rosehip says:

    Just like in rl, we are all the same yet uniquely different: some more different than others :) )

  5. SmakenDahed says:

    You’d think tank-types would create really large models so they block click-targeters while casters and other squishies might go for something smaller.

    Either way, those are terrible proportions and the head looks so wrong on that body. :(

  6. It makes for great laughs and something you don’t see in other games. Its interesting.

  7. Xenith says:

    Lol yeah there is an entire guild dedicated to this weird and whacky concept on my server… their guild tag is PIMP lol! They run around with extremely odd coloured hair, all have massive fro’s, skinny torso, legs and arms and wear glasses. It’s unique and funny and certainly makes you take notice :P

    Thanks for the twitter sub!

  8. Xenith says:

    Lol nope but that’s certainly a good idea :) Will post something on my blog :P

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