Do You Always Play The Same Class Archetype?

Although I play a variety of classes, my “main” class archetype has always been the Warrior-like melee classes. It’s odd because in my first bout of Everquest I only played spell casters, specifically an Enchanter and then a Cleric (OK, yeah, so they’re technically a healer…) because I always viewed the melee classes as dull and boring. That had a lot to do with the fact that Warriors and Rogues only got about two abilities and special attacks so combat literally consisted of pressing Auto-Attack and then going AFK to make yourself a cup of tea.

About two years into my EQ adventure, I took a plunge and rolled a Shadowknight, thinking that if I was going to try melee, I might as well try a hybrid and get some spells in the mix to keep my busy. My gamble paid off and I was hooked. Since then I’m predominantly played melee classes, usually tanks, in every MMORPG I’ve tried. I don’t know if it’s some deep, subconscious need of mine to be the biggest, dumbest meat-bag in the room or if I just like smashing stuff. Part of it is certainly my desire to control the flow of the groups I’m in and tanks are certainly the best suited for that as they decree the pace of experience and momentum of the team. I guess all of those terrible groups in EQ, spending 10 minutes waiting for a tank to pull a single mob because he was too chicken-shit to take a risk, had a bigger effect on me than I realised.

Although I occasionally dabble with other classes (such as my new Hunter alt in WoW), I’m always drawn to the tanks like a moth to the flame. But I’ve been wondering something – is that normal? Do most players tend to stick to a specific class archetype like tank, healer, DPS or caster? My guess would be yes, they do, as I’d imagine that each play style and class feel attracts a certain type of personality and that it’s hard to switch back and fourth between them all. I find it very hard to play healers now or even spell casters because I’m so used to being up close and personal with the creatures I fight. It took wading through 53 levels with a Priest in WoW to realise that I can never go back now.

So what about you?

Do You Always Play The Same Class Archetype?

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  1. Longasc says:

    I alternate between Warrior and Caster archetypes. My fighter classes are mostly male, except in Aion, you know, Brunhild. :) I mostly play the DPS/off-tank warriors though. Not the main tanks.

    In GW I started out with a Warrior main, and ended with my Necromancer Akivasha as new main.

  2. Gremrod says:

    I like to play a few of them before I pick my main. With Aion I didn’t do this and went with a cleric.

  3. I tend to go DPS melee, especially rogue-like characters. I love me some stealth. I’ve tried to play caster, never really worked for me – the closest I got was my shaman in WoW, who I even played as a raid healer for a while. Preferred to keep her melee when soloing though, elemental magic never worked for me either.

    Playing a warrior melee type have never really been my thing either, especially not as a tank. There is just nothing in that archetype that sounds fun to me.

    So melee DPS all the way, baby. It’s the only way to roll.

  4. Jason says:

    I tend to enjoy playing classes that require groups to succeed. Which is probably why I’ve ended up not liking most MMOs in recent years since they all seem to want to let everyone play without a group. I like being part of a team, and not just for raids. They say there is no I in team… well, it turns out there’s rarely any team in MMORPG anymore either, but there seems to be lots of I in there.

  5. JC says:

    In SWG I started as a pistoleer, switched to Teras Kasi, went back to pistols, then started moving toward bounty hunter and their carbines. Almost always had either doc or dancer as a secondary class, so always had some sort of healage available.

    in EQ2 I’ve rotated through several mains and am currently mostly either casters or have a shadowknight. I have 5 healers, though…. they “called to me” early on, and I still quite enjoy them… they just aren’t “main” anymore.

    Can’t really say I’ve played any other MMO long enough to develop a main, but in my dinking around with DDO the past couple of weeks I’m finding that I’m preferring a straight-up fighter to anything else. I’ve got several different classes in Vanguard also and find I prefer the Paladin there, but the Druid’s a pretty close second.

    So.. I guess I’ll play anything. . . .

  6. Spice says:

    I used to play a variety of classes but as I’ve got older it seems I gravitate towards healer-types. Although I’ve tried to consciously try something new, my first Aion character was a Cleric.

  7. I like playing a variety of classes. I tend to prefer classes or builds that allow a lot of flexibility, though. In Meridian 59 my favorite characters had high intellect so that I could learn a wider variety of spells. In WoW I played a Druid, and really loved the Feral druid in TBC where I could DPS or tank just by shifting my gear. In EQ2, I played a Necromancer who focused on the few healing abilities they had, so I could give part of my (or my pet’s) life and then drain life to restore it. One time that paid off where I was able to heal on a bad pull where the main healer went OOM; most of the time I soloed and just used those abilities to keep my pet alive.

    So, i like the “can do a lot of things” archetype, perhaps?

  8. I heal. I always do. Ever since Ultima Online, I’ve played a support character. I tried to start WoW as a Warlock because I enjoyed the Necro on EQ, and I was wrong. I fell in love with the Druid and then the Priest. Now, whenever I start an MMO or go back to one, I always hit the main healer archetype first and experiment with other classes once I’m burning out on the game.

  9. Jackie says:

    I mostly go with healer/priest classes, because I’ve been better at healing groups than tanking (although my cleric in EQ1 is more of a battle cleric). When Sony decided to open up a new server a few months ago (EQ1), I decided to try something different and roll a wizard.

  10. Stabs says:

    It’s a real mix for me. I’m not happy until I’ve had a good look at every class.

  11. SmakenDahed says:

    Here is a highlight of my MMO career:

    I used to play MMOs with a friend and we’d bounce from game to game. We quickly learned that controlling the Tank and Healer roles made our gaming life easier. Instead of being stuck looking for either one of those critical roles when we logged on, we’d already have them so we’d just need to fill out DPS roles – assuming we weren’t just duoing stuff.

    That said, I leaned towards either playing a Healer or a Tank. I think I liked healing more than tanking though, I’m not sure why. I suspect I prefered it because I could just stop healing any idiots that were being … well… idiots but I don’t think that is all there was to it.

    Currently (my friend has retired from MMOs… again) I’m playing a DPS role which is a nice change.

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, being a tank or healer certainly makes putting together a group that bit easier. It was one of my motivating factors for playing a tank in games because I hated either waiting for a tank or getting lumped with a terrible one.

  12. Rivs says:

    Usually either Tank, or Caster DPS. I did play healer (cleric) in Dark Ages, but that burnt me out.

  13. Ferrel says:

    I played a cleric four years in EQ1 and a templar for two years in EQ2. I generally always played a healer in every MMO I tried while I was in EQ mode. After that though I was exhausted with healing and moved into DPS. I just don’t have the mindset to be a DPS class. I played them well but didn’t enjoy it. They have no control and are just easily changeable parts.

    Tanks and healers have fair more control, input into the success, and usually the lack of one or the other holds groups up. I like the control so I’m back to being a cleric!

    • Gordon says:

      I find DPS to be very refreshing after playing a tank because they have so little responsibility in groups and raids! OK, that’s not fair but you know what I mean :) I’m with you on the control aspect though, it’s definitely my feeling too.

  14. Kane says:

    I generally play hybrid classes. UO, I did magic and swords. DAOC I was a Warden. EQ Ranger. EQ2 I had a hard time settling on anything for some reason…probably why I made so many alts. WoW I started as a Druid, then went Shaman, then everything else. My current main is a Hunter. Problem playing this way is that I invariably get frustrated with the game once I get to a point where solo-ing becomes difficult and I end up burning out.

  15. I like to play a few of them before I pick my main. With Aion I didn’t do this and went with a cleric. Wanna to try all of these.

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  17. Jacklo says:

    I’ve always prefered the “jack of all trades” classes, I like to solo mainly, so they tend to be helpful there, and when I do party, I can take watever role i need to…

  18. Joe says:

    i loved wizardry because it didnt make me choose

  19. dresdor says:

    I’m an alt-oholic, so I play everything. That said, I enjoy tanks primarily, and will always have at least one on a server. If limited to 1 or 2 characters, I go tank and healer.

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