Have A Party, Have A Windows 7 Party

Unless you’ve be hiding under an Apple Mac for the past year you’ll probably be aware that Windows 7 will be launching in a couple of weeks. It’s been hailed as the next messiah and what XP was to Millennium and, quite frankly, that’s good enough praise for me.

To coincide with the Windows 7 launch, Microsoft are encourage users to have Windows 7 “parties”. Yep, that’s right, par-tays, dawg. Now I don’t know about you but I’m a mega-geek and I even I draw the line at inviting all of my friends over to drink low-alcohol beer, eat nachos and talk about last night’s “game” (American football reference y’all) as we crowd around my PC and geek out all of the cool new features Windows 7 has to offer.

“Oooh, check out the new version of Windows Explorer.”

“You’re so awesome for inviting us over for a Windows 7 party, Gordon.”

“Seeing the decreased boot time of Windows 7 really makes me want to have your babies, Gordon.”

Uh huh.

Still don’t believe me that Microsoft are actively pushing this is a legitimate thing? Watch the vid below.

Ironically enough this video is almost so bad, it’s good. If it were a spoof, I’d be chuckling my arse off but the fact that it’s real makes me want to cry inside. Microsoft are even sending out launch party kits to help you plan your event. Oh boy.

Now I hate those combat trouser wearing, iPod carrying, grinning idiot Botherhood of the Mac users as much as you but least Apple don’t encourage us to throw parties to celebrate the launch of Snow Leopard. This has to take the biscuit with Microsoft. If you’re going to have the balls to use Windows at least keep it quiet and hide your shame.

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  1. Gordon, I’ll be honest. I’m not happy I spend 6 minutes of my life on that. ;)

    I can’t believe that Microsoft is trying so hard. I’d probably get Windows 7 if I could get it for free (or cheap), but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to.

    Actually, though…It seems like one of my friends had mentioned a 1-year trial people could get to test it and then have to buy it after that? Have you heard anything about that?

  2. I had seen this video, Can’t say much about this. Windows 7 I am looking for it, First of all wanna to have this on very lower cost.

  3. Rhii says:

    “Now I hate those combat trouser wearing, iPod carrying, grinning idiot Botherhood of the Mac users as much as you”

    This description is made of win.

  4. Ramon says:

    The nicest “compliment” is that they copied the concept from the Ubuntu guys, who have had Ubuntu release parties every six months since 2005 or so, every time a new version of Ubuntu is released. But those are actually fun. I mean, they’re parties. People. Drinks. Geeking out to 80s chiptunes. Explaining the system to new users etc. Ordering pizza at midnight. The stuff you’d actually do at someone’s party.

    If you search Flickr for “Ubuntu release party” you get many pictures of grinning and smiling people, in partylike settings, just with a laptop here and there. I wonder what “Windows 7 launch party” will look like in a few months.


    The Ubuntu guys, being based on Debian, have copied the tradition from Debian. But since Debian only releases every 2 – 3 years, that’s not a lot of parties :D

    I organized two official Swiss release parties for the Ubuntu Swiss team, and we had a great time. Didn’t look like Microsoft’s fantastic tutorial movie at all. As so often when they copy something, ur doin it wrong.

    But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess, so thanks for that :)

  5. vagueness says:

    Windows 95 release video, they have a history of bad bad marketing. Bless ‘em.


  6. …I did 3 activities!! UUUhhhh OOOhhh….! (3:00)
    Oh – My – God!!
    Cheers for stealing 6 minutes of my life… lol

    “Now I hate those combat trouser wearing, iPod carrying, grinning idiot Botherhood of the Mac users as much as you”
    Better not visiting me in Vienna mate! ;) )) Still best comment ever!!

    Oh and since I leave the room now advice for you guys:
    check out the windows.com/help homepage! Good research for us hosts too!! ;)

  7. Byron says:

    I went to the website and looked at this video and then i signed up to host a party. They sent me the windows 7 party pack. The “Party Pack” included a genuine FREE copy of 7 Ultimate. Corny video…..but a sweet deal….for sure

  8. Drew Shiel says:

    Thing is… what they want, more than anything else, is media coverage. If they do a decent campaign, they’ll get SOME. If they do a superlative campaign, well, that’s a) hard, and b) expensive, and c) not actually guaranteed to work. However, if they do a cheap campaign that’s so bad people will draw attention to it in order to say how bad it is, they get a LOT of coverage for small money.

    I reckon it’s deliberate.

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