Star Trek Online – Pros and Cons

Screenshots and tidbits of information are being thrown steadily at us as the launch date for Star Trek Online approaches like a Borg Cube doing Warp 9.99. My internal hype meter is starting to quiver as I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Star Trek – I’m more of a Treky than a Treker though (if you know the difference then you’re more of a geek than me; if you don’t, you’re less of a geek). I guess the only thing keeping in my incredible geekness in check (some sort of neural-inhibitor, if you will) is that I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that STO still seems pretty tacky and under-developed. Maybe we just haven’t seen any good quality footage of the game yet though.

Regardless of my fears, here’s a list of my personal pros and cons towards the forthcoming Star Trek Online.


  • It’s Star Trek! In a MMORPG! How can anyone not already be sold?
  • The character creator sounds fantastic. I love the idea of being able to make my own alien. Excellent idea and very well suited to the Federation (*cough* Communism) ideology.
  • Nice graphics. I say nice actually as a compliment there. They aren’t photo-realistic or amazingly slick like some games we’ve seen but I think that’s a good thing. I’m sick of games that require an IBM mainframe to run and, at the end of the day, nice graphics running well go a long way to making a game more enjoyable than an uber looking chug-beast does.
  • Made by Cryptic. Although Cryptic haven’t made the headlines like Blizzard they are a solid studio with some good titles under their belt and a lot of experience. Although I still have concerns about STO, at least I have confidence in the developers behind it.


  • First quarter 2010 release date seems incredibly soon. Will the game be polished enough? I’m tired of buggy, under-developed MMORPG releases.
  • Set 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis. Big shame, in my opinion, as I looking forward to adventuring alongside my favourite characters. Guess now our only interaction with Picard will be pushing his wheelchair around the Enterprise-F.
  • Space combat. Controversial, I know, but I’m not a fan of mixing genres. Space combat and ground based 3rd person games shouldn’t be mixed in my opinion. Please set your phasers to stun before frying me on this one.
  • Federation only PvE content. Assuming I’ve got this right, it seems like Klingons will be an unlockable race and will lack much of the content that the Federation get, pitching them heavily towards PvP only. Shame, as I would’ve loved to have played through proper PvE content for each of the major factions.

So there you have my pros and cons for Star Trek Online. Bit of a mixed bag and I can only going on what I’ve read so time will be the ultimate deciding factor here. Here’s hoping it will be a great game, more like the females of Angel One than the males.

P.S. If got that last reference then it’s time to get up from your computer, go outside and meet some real people. Either that or high-five yourself in the mirror.

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  1. Ardua says:


    Pity they didnt kill Wesley.

  2. Longasc says:

    I wonder how Cryptic can provide enough quality content for two MMOs, and it already smells like STO being a content lightweight like Champions…

  3. Blue Kae says:

    You’re looking more forward to the ground combat than the space combat? To me Star Trek has always been about the ships and slower more tactical combat. If I had to choose which to drop, I would drop the ground combat.

    As far as the release date goes, I’m trying to keep an open mind until after I see what state the game is in during beta.

  4. One of my main worries is space combat, too. I admit that it’s too integral to the property to leave out, but I hope that Cryptic can do hybrid land/space combat better than SOE was able to do with Star Wars Galaxies.

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  6. Chris (GbN) says:

    Space combat worries me too but it’s not real big on my mind yet. I’m disappointed to hear about the klingon thing. That seems kind of like a copout that saves them having to create extra content. Color me let down :(

  7. Tesh says:

    High Five!

    I’m looking forward to the game, if only to see what they do with it. I never watched Nemesis, and Trek has fallen a bit out of favor in my home, but if they can capture the magic (er, technology?) of the IP, I’ll give it a whirl.

    Watching some of the dev timeline stuff, it does feel a little uncomfortably like Warcraft In Space, since they apparently needed to stir up some wars to keep things interesting. That’s never been what Trek was about.

    So, like the most recent Star Trek movie, it may be fun, but ultimately loud, vapid and not the Trek I’m looking for. *shrug*

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  9. FYI, Klingons are playable from what I heard from closed beta testers, mainly for pvp combat, also the ship combat I’m looking forward to due to being a huge SFC fan, still play it to this day. (Sucks that Interplay went down) And btw, Picard from what I heard hasn’t been seen on any ship, but he might be an Admiral by now so is probably stationed SFH in San Fran by then.

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