MMORPG Skills For Real Life Situations

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I had quite the adventure with a sofa delivery from Ikea today. They turned up 8:30am on my doorstep, shoved the gigantic item in my hallway and then informed me that it wouldn’t fit through the door into my living room. They then left. Great. Thanks Ikea!!

Long story short, I was eventually able to solve the problem by myself and get the sofa into the living room and I did this by utilising some skills that I had learnt from MMORPGs. Yes, turns out gaming for hours on end every night actually has it’s benefits and may eventually pay off for you. Here are the skills that came in handy for me:


Fortunately I’m not very good at this particular skill (as my bruiseless face will testify) and at no point did the delivery men actually aggro on me enough to cause physical harm. My continually taunts and berating though, weak as were, did help satisify me immensely, allowing me to keep a level head during the situation. Helpful hint: avoid using your taunting skills in real life situations unless you’re an accomplished tank.

Crowd Control

All of those hours, days, months of playing an Enchanter in Everquest rung true for me today when I found I was aptly able to deal with resulting crowd. Whether it was positioning my wife or my other belongings in key places, this important MMORPG skill allowed me to clear a path for my sofa, eventually enabling it to slide through the doorway into position.


Ultimately, my new sofa eventually made it’s way into my living through my sheer use of DPS. I think I topped 2k DPS at one point. Boom!


All good MMO gamers know that after battle, comes the heals. If it hadn’t been for some apt healing on my part, both my wife’s and mine mental fatigue and stress would have been too much to cope with. I’m no raid healer but at least I can keep our HPs up.

So there you have it – MMORPG skills can be useful in real life situation. Next time your filling out a resumé or an online dating application, think to yourself “what applicable MMORPG skills could I list here?”. You’ll surprise yourself.

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  1. I get to deal with this on Saturday when it’s wife move-in day. Maybe I won’t have to deal with the stress you did since it’s my dad helping move instead of delivery guys, but I don’t look forward to it, either way.

    Glad to hear it all worked out in the end, though.

  2. wilhelm2451 says:

    Did you see that story a couple years back about the kid whose friend was attacked by a bear?

    The kid threw rocks at the bear to get its attention, then pretended to be dead when the bear came after him. He said he learned that playing WoW.

    (Details presented come from my memory and may not necessarily be accurate or even true.)

  3. Guaka says:

    You shouldn’t take that from Ikea, if I was there I would have… Probably said nothing or made a vague stab at talking about football. But, after they’d gone, I would have had some STRONG words

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