Star Trek Online Official Release Date

So it’s official: Star Trek Online will be released on 2nd February 2010 in the US and 5th February 2010 in Europe (hopefully the usual head start programs will apply and us Euros can get early access along with our American buddies). Not really surprised at such an early release date as after all of the tidbits of news I’d been hearing about STO, I was expecting it. Still, it does make me very cynical about just how polished and ready the game will be. Call me a pessimist but I’ve been playing MMORPGs for a long, long time now and seen my fair share of games being released when they just aren’t ready.

However, trying to objective about it all, maybe STO will be just fine and perfectly polished and good to go. Perhaps I’m too used to Blizzard’s relaxed attitude towards deadlines (turns out Starcraft 2 won’t even beta until next year) and thus feel that if something doesn’t take a dog’s age to release, then it won’t be ready enough. Cryptic may have been working on the game for years already or using some fancy new engine and tools which makes development a breeze so really I shouldn’t pass any judgement until the game comes out and I can try it for myself.

Still, I worry. See, I’m a worrier, it’s just in my nature. We haven’t had the slow build of hype over 36 months to prepare us for this game and the thought “they just want to get it out before Cataclysm destroys every other MMO along with Azeroth” keeps pervading my mind. However, with any luck time will prove me wrong and my worries will be to no avail.

P.S. I’ve decided to avoid the Star Trek Online open beta and just wait for the official release (or pre-order head start). I’m jaded with the whole beta experience and, right now, I feel like I can continue my internal hype machine enough to wait.

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  1. Longasc says:

    I don’t plan on preordering STO right away, and wait for a month or two after release.

    I have little faith in the game, or better, the company behind it. I have the gut feeling they create a really nice looking game with some awesome features that I will LOVE and, well, the heavy dose of suckage and silly RMT on top of a sub paired with the lack of content of Champions Online.

    Star Trek Armada was not bad, and Star Fleet Command III was cool, too. The shooters were not as good, but also not bad. Star Trek was about to be reborn after “Enterprise” and I would really like to see the franchise prosper, but I fear it won’t be in the MMO sector.

    Now I have to worry about GW2 till 2011. The last and best hope of humanity. Or some surprise MMO. Or maybe LOTRO suddenly gets a Rohan & Gondor expansion with mounted combat.

    There is still the chance that they create some kind of fun, lightweight MMO. But I think a Guild Wars or DDO approached would be better for that than the Cryptic plan sub+RMT, which plainly sucks.

    • Gordon says:

      I’m sure I’ll go for the usual pre-order/headstart stuff but I’m not nearly as excited about it as I was about AoC and WAR last year. Strange how the latest batch of MMORPGs just can’t get everyone hyped like they used to.

  2. ogrebears says:

    I’ am avoiding the open beta still

  3. spinks says:

    For me, this one is going to depend on the ship to ship combat because that’s what I’m not getting in a game at the moment that I’d like. Depending on price and what else I’m doing at the time, I intend to pick up a copy when it coimes out and try it out for a month, though.

  4. I intend to pick up a copy when it comes out and try it out for a month, though.

  5. SteppenRazor says:

    “Still, I worry. See, I’m a worrier, it’s just in my nature.”

    Is that why they call you whiskers?

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