Can’t believe I missed this one. Back in June, SOE released a documentary detailing the history and production behind Everquest, one of the “first generation” of MMORPGs and perhaps the most nostalgic for me, to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. They showed it at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas and it looks fun and very interesting but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see it as I can’t find it anywhere. It’s available on DVD as part of the Everquest 2 Sentinel’s Fate Collector’s Edition which, to me anyway, actually makes it quite an attractive purchase. I haven’t found anywhere in the UK that’s selling the Collector’s Edition yet so we’ll just need to wait and see how it pans out come February.

Anyway, here’s the trailer from YouTube.

P.S. The official Evercracked site which was down yesterday now redirects to IGN Video showing the first 10 minutes of the documentary.

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  1. Carthalis says:

    sadly the collector’s edition isn’t going to be in the UK :( Gonna have to see if I can get it via amazon.com myself.

  2. Everquest, one of the “first generation” of MMORPGs

    No. While some EQ devs have tried to make this claim it is not the case, even if you ignore non-graphical games there were a lot of game that came before it. Even given my own history I wouldn’t even call Meridian 59 “first generation” given the existence of games like Islands of Kesmai, or Kingdom of Drakkar.

    Not to say that EQ doesn’t have some important historical significance, but it’s irksome to see people try to call it “first generation” as if there had been the no history before the game.

    • EQ was still the top of the line MMO at the time. It was the first to reach “mainstream” success that the other niche games just couldn’t garner. At one point, Norrath was included mid way on a list of most wealthy countries in the world because it had an unprecedented 500k subscribers. IoK, KoD, M59, and even UO couldn’t compete with its monstrousness.

      • And EQ was dwarfed by WoW. So, WoW is the only real “first generation” MMO, right?

        If we keep ignoring older games just because some bigger one came a long and “reaches [bigger] mainstream success” then we ignore history. That usually doesn’t end well.

        Every game has some feature that sets it apart. There was an academic study of UO’s economy released around the time EQ launched, before its economy got underway. M59 set the business model for MMOs for the next decade (while abandoning that model itself). IoK showed that you could do a real-time, multiplayer game over the internet in something besides scrolling text.

        EQ’s claims to being really big and being the pattern for cloning don’t make it a “first generation” game. It’s important, sure, but not first generation.

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, it’s definitely one of those catchphrases that people bounce around…. like how “third generation” cropped up for Vangaurd :)

      Of course that’s why I stuck “first generation” in quotation marks ;)

  3. Mike "Szii" Oxford says:

    Define: MMO.


    While many games were multi-player, even back to text MUDs none of them really reached the “Massively” portion, and thus, qualify (IMO) to be called an MMO.

    EQ1 was, really, a GUI’d DIKU MUD. But the GUI made it more accessible due to the “ooh shinies” aspect compared to text.

    There were many great games before EQ1, and some were big, but “massively” implies something much larger than “big.”

    Thus, I would have to consider EQ1 to be a “first gen MMO,” simply due to the definition of “MMO” but definitely not a “first gen multi-player world.”

    Frame of reference shift.


    • WoW dwarfed EQ about as much as EQ dwarfed M59. Does that mean that we must shift our reference to make WoW the “first generation MMO” and ignore EQ?

      Sounds a bit silly when you put it in that context, but this is exactly what you’re arguing for with EQ in comparison to previous games. As I said above, many games contributed to MMO development even if you ignore purely text games. There’s a rich history of graphical games that came out many years before WoW, EQ, or even M59. Pretending they aren’t significant so that your favorite game can claim a title isn’t useful for meaningful discussion.

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