Blood Elf Warrior

Although I’m enjoying my Undead Warrior (cannibalizing your opponent’s corpse after battle is both delicious and satisfying), one thing I’m looking forward to with the release of Cataclym is changing race and swapping over to a Blood Elf. Oddly enough though, if you ever hang around the WoW forums, you’ll known that most current Warriors detest the idea of Blood Elves entering their ranks.

I agree that Blood Elves aren’t your quintessential Warrior. Unlike Orcs, Trolls or Gnomes, the sight of a mincing elf skipping towards you doesn’t exactly imbue oneself with pant-filling fear. To quote the Governator, they are the “girlie men” race of Warcraft. So what’s the appeal?

Well, I suppose I like playing characters are a little odd and unique. Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a thing for bald, fat old men with beards but unfortunately the limited customization options in World of Warcraft make that kinda hard to achieve. So hence my fascination with this oddball race/class combination. I’m looking forward to playing something a little bit… different.

Another appealing thing about the Blood Elves (along with the Draenei, my favourite WoW race) is that their models and animations are far superior to the original races. I imagine that before The Burning Crusade Azeroth was infected with a widespread disease that damaged spines and left everyone with terrible posture. I like creative liberties as much as the next guy but playing a hunchback doesn’t appeal.

On another note, with Blood Elves being able to become Warriors, the class will be the only one, other than Deathknights, that is available to all races. In some ways that makes me a little sad as it almost makes Warriors the common-as-muck class of WoW and somehow a little less exotic than the rest. Oh well.

Anyway, time to start thinking up some fierce and aggressive Blood Elf Warrior names. Maybe I’ll call mine… Terrence.

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  1. kaldeem says:

    lol menacing.

    I’d race change also.

    Taruen hunter to undead
    BE Pally to Taruen
    Orc shaman to Goblin
    Taruen druid to Troll??
    Troll mage to Orc
    Undead Warrior to Goblin

    or something along those lines. :)

  2. spinks says:

    I promise you, they won’t be rare and unique. For every person who doesn’t like the idea, there are at least two who’ve been waiting to play dual two-hander wielding blood elf fury warriors since the day the game first came out :)

  3. The Wyrm says:

    Incoming inundation of warriors claiming to be spellbreakers, and monumental QQ from warrior players whose fragile sense of masculinity is threatened by models that don’t look like bulbous steroid junkies.

    …Oh wait.

    In seriousness, refreshing to hear from a warrior player who isn’t wailing like a three-year-old girl. Options are good.

  4. The Wyrm says:

    (Er. To be clear, I wasn’t referring to you in that first part.)

  5. Longasc says:

    I suggest a dual wiedling fury warrior with an elven name sounding somewhat like Drizzt Do’Urden. You have a cliché to fulfill, after all. :)

  6. I have to admit: I love the jolly blood elves!! They are nice looking and like you said their animation is also quite nice!! Also their comments are just hilarious!!
    Girltooth would be a nice name, wouldnt it? ;) )

  7. Rob says:

    Common-as-muck, and yet many times people find themselves desperate for a decent tank in game. Bring on the warriors! The less pally tanks I have in party means greater chances that I will get loot. :)

  8. Magson says:

    I have a level 80 High Elf Shadowknight in EQ2. It’s quite uncommon. I chose the semi-giggly girl voice for her, and added voice emotes to her taunts so all through the fights she’s yelling “You are so dead!” among other things. It makes me laugh.

    At least she’s not a Fae SK though. I still have a hard time seeing small flying creatures as tanks in full plate, ya know?

  9. Brandon says:

    Blood Elf Warrior is going to be amazing and I cant wait to race change. It isnt about the physical aspect or the fact that WoW labels them as a “sissy” race. It is their racials. I have no problems having an additional instant cast silence that also restores 30 rage. Not too mention they also have minor additions to resistances. Whether anybody likes it or not, they are going to make excellent tanks.

  10. Chad says:

    I made a be yesterday purely because I can’t find myself to play an orc or tauren warrior. just look too big and weird to me..if I’m looking at a character while I’m playing which is 24/7 It’s gonna look good bitches. 22 Female blood elf tank (made it yesterday ), loving it. =] ( female cause I’d rather stare at a girl character ofc =) )

  11. Ryztor says:

    Sephiroth. period. thats if u can find a server without it taken

  12. Carroll says:

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