The Urge To Return To EVE Online

I’m feeling that urge again. Not the type of urge that a man gets when he’s near a beautiful woman but more of the type of urge a man gets to smoke a beautiful cigar. The urge is back. And EVE is my cigar.

Dominion comes out tomorrow, EVE Online’s 12th free expansion and the trailer looks pretty darn sweet. I admit that the expansion doesn’t mean much to me (I’m by no means a hardcore EVE player) but there’s something about EVE – and the way it’s marketed – that constantly attracts me like a moth to the flame. I guess the only thing stopping me from jumping right in and re-subbing is my knowledge that it would require a serious commitment in order to achieve anything meaningful. Sometimes a guy just doesn’t want to be tied down.

On Friday, whilst out having a great booze up with my work colleagues, someone asked me what computer game I would take with me if I were to be stranded on a desert island. Apart from the obvious flaws to the question and the issues with playing an Internet based game on a desert island, my answer was EVE Online. I was also tempted to say Everquest but oddly enough never to say World of Warcraft. I knew that if I was stranded somewhere, I mean really stuck in some imaginary room with a reasonable PC, an Internet connect, unlimited supply of food and a ton of time to kill, I’d want something vast and immersive to fully engross myself in. WoW doesn’t fit that bill but EVE does.

I think deep down we all want to be to somebody. Maye an adventurer, leader, scoundrel or pirate (etc etc) and that’s why we like escapism and entertainment in all of it’s different forms of media. It’s also why MMORPGs appeal so much. Not only do we get the opportunity to play one of these roles (hence, role-playing) but we get to do it surrounded by thousands of other people who can marvel at our achievements and join us in our aspirations. EVE Online appeals very well to this itch inside of me and sells itself very well, constantly tickling my mind with the thought that maybe, with enough time and hard work, I could be someone special in it’s world.

So, what do y’all think? Should I return to EVE Online? I hear the planets are getting a makeover.

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  1. Tesh says:

    I can only say that if it weren’t a sub game, it may well be my primary MMO destination. *shrug*

  2. Masada says:

    I feel your urge.

    Eve pulls me back about once a year for at least a few months. It is good to see the new eye candy, try out that new ship, and play around with the new mechanics. For years I’ve been waiting for the walking in stations “enhancements”. I keep my toon active so that I can someday take advantage of that content.

    I hope Dominion delivers some more life in to the game. I suspect it will for another few months.

  3. Minerpewpew says:

    I agree with you on all counts except for one. This game does not take vast amounts of time to be meaningful, or even worthwhile.

    My draw to Eve-Online, and the reason I am also always coming back to it, is the simple fact that you can do anything you want, however you want to do it (obviously there are game mechanics but this is as sandbox as it gets in an MMO.) If you are playing this game and not having fun, you are doing it wrong! Play the game how you want to play it. If you are a weekend gamer and think that you just don’t have the time, but like PVP, there are hundreds of people just like you who join corps and fleet up on the weekends for faction warfare or Null Sec (0.0 Space) roams. Think it takes months and months of training to be or do anything? You can be in a Tech 2 Interceptor inside of 2 weeks, or a t1 frigate tackler inside a day, and be an asset to whoever you fly with. Don’t like PVP? There is always mining to be had, or mission running, trading, module building, researching, invention, and exploration! Each area is full of rich content, and immersive macro gaming.

    Whether you’re a once or twice a week kind of guy, 10 hours a week, or 20+ there is a spot for you in eve, there will be something that you enjoy doing, or some new thing to try, fly, or blow up!

    You just have to make it past the learning cliff >.<

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, I know EVE is very casual… which is one of the reasons I like it so much. I guess I meant more that I saw it as a huge undertaking. If I want to become influential in a corp, rich or powerful, it takes a lot of effort. I don’t feel like it’s the sort of game I could just pick up and play without getting seriously invested :)

  4. Minerpewpew, I know where you’re coming from but your statement only applies to certain people because, exactly as you said, the game mechanics can limit the experience. For example, while I think EVE Online is one of the best examples out there of a sandbox game, I wanted the ship to ship combat to be FPS-based. In effect, I thought it was going to be like MIcrosoft Allegiance which was an amazing space combat experience. That said, obviously CCP recognizes this desire, as they’re planning to add FPS combat for planetary control (tied into their new console game).

  5. Dblade says:

    Problem though is what exactly can you be in EVE? As I play it, I really don’t see the freedom others do. A lot of the stuff like ratting, crafting, resource harvesting, and market trades really are equivalent to PvE games.

    The stuff that isn’t is mostly small or large scale PvP. If you dislike it or suck at it, it’s not like you can be much else. The EVE career guide lists a lot of things, but most are metagame stuff, like writer, or aspects of pvp.

    I think EVE is one of those game people drink the koolaid in, and really amplify a conventional or limited experience beyond what most players can or usually do. If you left, I don’t think dominion will change much of the reasons why.

  6. Marchosias says:

    Yup, I’m definitely feeling the pull as well. Actually started early this month and I’ve been trying to resist. I’ll probably break down this week and re-sub as it’s a payday week for me and I’ve got all my bill and even some shopping all taken care of, so I don’t feel too guilty :D

    Looking forward to see what’s new in Dominion and murdering a bunch of ‘roids, har-har!

  7. Hirvox says:

    The planets are getting a graphical overhaul, any functional changes will probably have to wait until Dust 514. For soloing/small gang activities, I’ve found wormhole space to be quite interesting. Due to being unable to know for sure whether there’s someone lurking in the same system, there is a constant feeling of enjoyable dread. A small, agile gang can rack up quite lucrative kills and vanish to avoid the kind of attention they would get in normal space.

    • Gordon says:

      Anything that makes the space more attractive will definitely get my vote so looking forward to the planet overhaul. The control system via Dust 514 is gonna be very interesting :) I wonder if I could play the PS3 whilst out mining on the PC :)

  8. Stabs says:

    I think it’s worth coming back if you have a plan.

    My plan has been to finance myself and after 5 months I’m worth over 2 billion isk and am able to pay for my 2 accounts in ISK. Mission accomlished there.

    Next stage is to hone my ability to do level 4 missions which are touch and go for me at the moment.

    After that I’ll be looking to pvp in Crow interceptors which is a moderately expensive ship I anticipate losing by the score. Still pvping with a jump clone in a ship that costs less than I make in a day but which is still good enough to kill with sounds like good fun. I’ll also seek out a corp at that stage, just now it actually suits me better to be solo (no taxes, no “can you give me a hand”s which get me killed).

    So figure out your plan and make a new blog post to get some comments.

  9. Mojeaux says:

    Damn you, now you’ve got me thinking about resubbing to EvE. Damn you to hell! :-)

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