How Do I Find A Good Guild?

I think one of the reasons that I’ve not felt the same level of satisfaction playing World of Warcraft now as I did in all my years of playing Everquest 2 is that I just can’t find a good guild. And by “good guild”, I just mean a guild that has a solid core of players who actually like to communicate with each other (I’m a sucker for a bit of banter). I’m not looking for boosting, help leveling up or anything like that, I’m just looking for some people to befriend on my journey to level 80 and perhaps some fun dungeon groups on the way. Is that too much to ask?

I’ve been in several guilds in WoW and I just can’t find one that I click with. Most of the ones I join seem to be quite vacuous and either tend to be empty or full of players who don’t either chat, group or care. I get the feeling that most “serious” guilds only accept level 80 characters and revolve around raiding and that all other guilds just there for the alts of raiders on their days off.

Ironically (and I can only blame myself for this) is that one of my work colleagues who started playing the game finally created, by all accounts, an excellent guild called Revenge of Le Chuck (awesome name or what?) but that by stage I was absolutely sick of playing Alliance and defected over to start my current Horde Undead Warrior. Bloody shame, I know.

So I need some advice. How do go about finding a decent guild to join? I was in several in EQ2 and they were all very good and yet I’ve joined dozens in WoW and can’t find any. I sometimes wonder if maybe it’s just how it is in WoW and that guilds are never as good compared to other MMORPGs due to the fundamental nature of the game and the type of player it attracts.

Anyone got any tips on finding a good guild? Oh, I’m playing on Khadgar if that helps.

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  1. Longasc says:

    I would blame it on the fact that everyone and his daughter is playing WoW.
    Without wanting to sound like a misantrophe, most people just suck!

  2. Most of the time, I find guilds with people I pug with. I’d rather play with cool people I know I get along with most of the time than just apply for seeing content for the sake of seeing content and getting loot.

    Lately, though, I found my guild through a connection in blogging. It’s not something I would normally have ever thought I would do, but it’s worked out well. So pretty much, my advice to you is: however you find people you click with. Because that’s the most important part of a guild.

  3. spinks says:

    First up, define what it is that you’re looking for when you say a good guild? (I do think it’s pitiful that WoW doesn’t have any sort of decent ‘looking for guild’ functionality given how key it is to the game experience.)

    If you are looking for a more mature guild, consider a RP server. Doing PUGs with people and noting who was friendly or nice to be with is another good way in to the server community (no idea how this will change with cross server PUGs though.)

  4. Stabs says:

    Play Alliance again and join your friend’s guild. Maybe make a Draenai called Rastasmurf and speak with a Jamaican accent, you won’t know the difference.

  5. says:

    I’ve run across your mate’s guild a time or two on Khadgar, seem like a nice group of people… Guybrush would ofc be the GM? :D

    Unfortunately the Horde side of Khadgar is rather bleak, most of the Guilds I have ran into are pvp only or hard core raiding. Your selection will be quite a bit larger if you go back to Ally, not that I recommend that kind of behavior ;D I’m just sayin’… Personally I am a Hordie at heart but the guys and gals in my guild are just too awesome to give up.

    *Shameless plug* Our Guild “Alliance Assassins” is currently working on Toc10 and Uld10 Hodir but we’ve also got people still at lvl 25 and quite a number of PvP crazies as well. We also have a Horde Side Guild ‘Horde Assassins”. We are not hard core, we are not ‘roll this class and use this spec’ we are a small family and friends guild that has been together since 2006. If you’re bored and looking for some funny, crazy, talkative ppl give us a whisper ;D

    • Gordon says:

      Guybrush indeed! :) Thanks for the offer – I’ll look your guild up next time I’m online :)

      • First of all, thanks for the honorable mention! Our guild certainly is good for social players and friendly banter, and you should (for the 10th time) get your ass back over to the good side. We just need to expand our member base a little to regularly run Uld10 etc. Getting there – please feel free to write more articles about how awesome Revenge of LeChuck is!

        Interestingly enough, I know a couple of players in Alliance Assassins and they are a real good bunch. Really only played properly with Huttser (we stole his gf to our guild and are gagging for him to follow) and Trictrac, both great people! But of course, they will not be a replacement for Revenge of LeChuck.

        • says:

          Huttser is truly a Hunter with Knowledge and a heart of Gold. One of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of playing with and I have to admit most of our people are like that. You really don’t last long in our Guild if you are just in it for the EPicZ and or can’t handle laughing about yourself.

          I had heard that Huttser’s missus was a bit let down that we weren’t running a weekly naxx raid anymore, but like I mentioned above we are “trying” to get totc10 on farm and seem to be having a problem with healers showing up.

          Perhaps AA and RoLC should think about a weekly ComboRaidPug what have you for the Ulduar/ToC thingamabob, altho I must admit that is not for me to decide. If Guybrush and his minions are interested give Exosphere or Virusinboots a whisper in game and perchance we shall PWN face together…

          And Gordon seriously if you want to have people to do things with on Khadgar you really have to be one of two things:
          1. Alliance
          2. Alliance
          I love Horde in my heart, but IT IS SO HARD TO FIND PPL ONLINE HORDE SIDE ON KHADGAR. I feel your pain ;D

  6. Well first, stay away from Alliance. Some of the worst players in WoW.

    Next, take the time and be outgoing and actually group and get to know some guilds that are applying on your realms forums on the official Blizzard Site. Join their vent, talk to their leadrs, PM them on their boards. If they dont have boards or seem organized or willing to talk, they suck and are a spam guild. Pass them up

    Took me 6 months to find a good guild and now I would not leave it for the world and we are knocking out 25 man content with ease and they raid two nights a week

    Secondly, guilds are not for leveling. You dont need a guild to level. its a waste of time. Hit level 80, THEN look.

    • naPS says:

      “Well first, stay away from Alliance. Some of the worst players in WoW.”

      Really? … wait, Really?

      The top 10 guilds in the world right now are split right down the middle – 5 Alliance, 5 Horde. Get a grip.

    • Gordon says:

      But I enjoy the leveling process and want people to chat to and interact with on the way up. I never really saw the point in just playing to become level 80. If I wanted to do that, I’m sure I could just buy a pre-made level 80 character and save myself a lot of time.

      • David says:

        I agree, and to be honest this has been an annoyance since I moved over to WoW from EQ2. There’s a lot of guilds on the servers I play on, but I haven’t found one that’s like the ones I was a member of in EQ2. There’s one on Moon Guard that has a couple of people that I really like playing with, but they aren’t on as often as I do.

        This game is has a lot of people who are very focused on getting gear at the end game, and the entire leveling process seems to be secondary and an inconvenience.

        Good luck on finding a guild.

        • Gordon says:

          Yeah, I don’t really understand it either. In EQ2 people seemed just as interested in grouping and leveling as they did in raiding at 80. In my guild we had mains for the high level stuff and then alts for some fun. The fact that you could mentor was nice too because you could run some low level instances with your main if you wanted to.

  7. Sharon says:

    Finding a good guild is one of the hardest things for me! I generally read the forums and watch chat channels to get a feel for where the like-minded folks might be. I check recruitment ads and visit guild websites. I prefer to get to know people before I app to a guild, and I want to give them a chance to get to know me. I agree with Longasc though… the signal to noise ratio in WoW can make it hard to find good people.

    Pugs can be a good way to find a guild as well. I found my WoW guild years ago through a pug, and we’re still together under the same GM with the same officer team. We’re the oldest guild on our server, with forums and a Facebook group to keep in touch with those who don’t play WoW anymore, and some of us get together IRL occasionally. :) It’s an awesome group of people. If you ever decide to roll on a US server, you’d be welcome to join us.

    Good luck in your search!

  8. boatorious says:

    You and me both, man. It’s nigh-impossible to find a guild on my server with a raiding schedule I can support, and that’s totally ignoring the whole community-of-like-minded-people thing.

    My current guild though, which is perfect in every way (except that they don’t raid when I can) I found in a PUG when I complained about the people in my lame leveling guild who were mad they didn’t have a bigger daily allowance from the guild bank.

  9. Vett says:

    As a person who has played a bunch of MMO’s and have been in and even run a number of guilds, the “best” guilds have always been guilds were I either had “friends” who played in the guild (either from previous mmo’s or IRL) or just guilds that kinda just found me by chance. Guilds that I sought out were usually for their “uberness” or achievements, but the guilds I had the most “fun” in were the more social guilds, usually older and smaller guilds.

    In your case you seem to be looking for more of a leveling guild, so who knows you may meet some like minded people along your journey.

    Best of Luck!!!!!

  10. Ramon says:

    I’ve only started playing EQ2 two days ago and I’m already in an extremely entertaining, relaxed, social, mature guild. It’s pretty amazing.

    I don’t know, EQ2 seems to be the ugly duckling of sorts, but it seems to attract all the right people?

  11. luvy duvy says:

    I was once in this guild “forgot the name sorry lol” the leaders name was Erthorion he was a great guild leader we all was very social well geared not top of the line but enough for us to be good at questing together, doing dungeons together. he was friends with people that ran a horde guild so that horde guild was our ultimate enemy to pvp against.

    we used to love to raid crossroads do dungeons but the best thing was logging on wow was like walking into Cheers the bar everyone knows your name and you allways glad you came we had guild meetings over anything even if its just to bring the guild together on one screen second floor of the ironforge magetrainer building.Erthorion went to a raiding guild and the guild was no more.

    you have 2 choices

    1 make your own social guild “lookin for people to join my guild ranks this is a social guild for players who just want to for some people to befriend on my journey to level 80 and perhaps some fun dungeon groups on the way

    2 keep searching for guilds wich i doubt you will find the one that sutes your taste cause these damn guilds is all about leveling getting good gear and raiding dungeons thats why guilds arnt fun for me anymore.

    so imo i think your best bet is to make your own guild get some social people that love to chat and be friendly

  12. Matt says:

    I agree with duvy, I actually found some of my best guild’s doing PvP. And because of PvP I got in to one of the best raiding guilds on our server. But I took a break and came back last thursday, and i was guildless. I still had my pvp friends there so we made a PvP guild called Prò and now are recruting. If anyone is actually interested. Whisper Darthchair on the Alliance side of The Underbog. Sorry to advertise there lmao.

  13. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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