The End Of QuestHelper?

Patch 3.3 hit the European World of Warcraft servers today (I take back what I said about the slow downloads… turns out I’d actually downloaded 713mb already in the background and the rest came through at over 200kbps) and brought with it a bunch of changes and updates. The most notable was probably the new LFG system (which, according to a few sources, had plenty of issues to go with it) but also a new map system that integrates with your quests and shows you where they and where you need to go. Sound familiar at all?

New Map/Quest System In Patch 3.3

New Map/Quest System In Patch 3.3

QuestHelper has always been my favourite WoW addon and certainly the most useful. Before I first got it, I used to fumble around trying to decipher the quest text to figure out what to do and where to head. Being an impatient sort of fellow (I always skip dialogue and cutscenes and never read text) it was a highly frustrating experience for me, especially considering I’d just come from playing Age of Conan and Warhammer Online which lead you by the nose through your quest journal. Then I found out about QuestHelper, installed it, and it was like the clouds of darkness parted before me and I was bathed in the divine light of laziness. I never looked back. Until today.

I haven’t had an extensive amount of time to play with the new map and quest system that patch 3.3 brought but from first glance it seems pretty comprehensive and well implemented. You can see what quests are available in your current zone, where you need to go and, even more, what the rewards are and what the text is (as if we care). No doubt it’s not as fully featured as QH but it seems to do the trick and provide the basic options so one has to wonder… is this the end of QuestHelper?

I know that’s a little melodramatic and QH will likely continue, just like the equipment manager patch didn’t kill off Outfitter, but considering that QuestHelper actively requests donations and contributions I can’t help but think that this may have a big impact on their bottom lime and the cash that they receive.

It seems kinda sad in many ways that Blizzard have stolen the thunder from some of these great, independent addons and implemented their own versions. I can understand why they’ve done it – they’ve obviously looked at things like Outfitter and QuestHelper, seen how good and useful they were, and decided to integrate it as part of the standard game. It many ways, it must be quite flattering to the addon developers to know that they’ve influenced WoW in that regard. Still, it’s likely going to have an affect on their popularity, number of downloads and cash donations/contributions.

P.S. If you’re wondering, I stilll prefer QuestHelper :)

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  1. Psynister says:

    I’ve been a strong supporter of QuestHelper since the day I first downloaded it, but I do find that the need for it has almost been entirely removed. Almost.

    There are three things I liked about QH that the new map doesn’t offer. The biggest is going to be the icons on my minimap so that I don’t have to keep checking back to the full map to see where things are at. Second, I hate the stupid quest tracker sidebar that we have now as it screws with so many of my other addons and it takes up so much space on my screen. Finally is the arrow similar to TomTom that shows you where to go. I never use the arrow to actually tell me where to go, but I do use it to get myself lined up for a long auto-run where I can line myself up with my destination and then go “look ma! no hands!” as I run to wherever I’m going.

    Is it going to kill QH for me? Honestly, yeah it probably is. QH take a lot of memory, is often wrong in certain areas, and the guy that wrote it annoys me. I used QH because it was the best at what it did, but now that Blizz has given me a built in option that does almost the exact same thing (and isn’t going to be wrong) I’ll probably give it up all together.

    In the end the deciding factor is going to be whether or not I can use other addons such as Cartographer with the new map while still being able to use the built in tracker. If not, then QH is staying where it is. If so, then I’m dumping about half of my addons from this patch alone.

    • Gordon says:

      For me, the big thing will be how much Blizzard support the feature. If they keep adding to it to make it totally polished and fully featured then it will be excellent but if they ignore it and QH continues to be updated and get new features, I’ll most likely stick to QH.

  2. Dave Huston says:

    Back in my day, we had to read that text (aka story) to know where to go. You kids have it too easy these days. You just pop open your map and it tells you where you need to go. When I was your level, I had to figure out where to go based on phrases like “east of the windmill” or “southwest of the goat farm.”

    Seriously though, I don’t like either solution. I think players should have to think for themselves rather than have everything spelled out for them. Take some time to explore the world rather than just running from point A to B, C, then D with a script telling you where to go and what to do every step of the way.

    Where’s the fun when the game plays itself for you?

    • Gordon says:

      Depends on what your definition of fun is, I guess. If you look at the original EQ, it had almost no quests and was all about grouping and running dungeons. I find that far more enjoyable than just quest grinding – which is essentially what WoW is now – so I want to make the process as painless as possible.

  3. Carson63000 says:

    I’ve never used QuestHelper or any such addon, but did they not also try to do things like work out recommended order of questing via shortest-path algorithm? Sounds like the built-in quest locator could give a lot of scope for addon authors to skip over the grunt work and focus entirely on interesting stuff like that.

  4. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I used Quest Helper for awhile but it was such a resource hog on my machine.

  5. Copra says:

    well, it seems that cartographer is messing the new ingame questing system and the arrow showing my whereabouts is quite off the actual position. It also causes the map to flow over the side panel and makes a mess of the map.

    Then again, knowing the areas more or less adequately I use the map only to orientate myself when I’m not exactly sure. QH has it’s points, but the game has more content without QH.


    C out

  6. Brannagar says:

    I am really torn on features like Quest Helper. On one hand, it is incredibly handy to have and really cuts down on the time it takes to find quest objectives. It makes your game time more productive and allows you to do more in less time.

    On the other hand, it really takes away from exploration, which is one of my favorite things about MMOs. People using Quest Helper generally go from Point-A to Point-B and never stray off the beaten path. That is an unfortunate thing in a well-created world like WoW, LotRO and the like.

    I do find it funny that Blizzard uses the mod community to farm the good ideas. So many mods have been folded into WoW in some way or other that it almost seems like Blizz should be paying them.

    Great idea by Blizzard I guess, just unfortunate for the mod-makers.

    • Gordon says:

      I totally agree that things like QuestHelper take away a certain aspect from the game. It’s great for me though because it appeals exactly to my type of personality and desired gameplay. I have no patience and just like to kill things :)

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  8. luvy duvy says:

    i used to use QH but ever since the Wow new map features there is no need for Qh for me not to mention there were times in QH that i will go to places where it said that i needed to go to complete a quest and it will turn out that the QH pointed ….


    other then that i think its great that blizz said there peole who will find the game more enjoyable without spending to much time lookin for stuff and more time enjoying the game not to mention remember there kids playing this game so they shouldnt make it to hard for them or people with certain disabilities so its like blizzard is making world of warcraft more open to different kinds of people and for them taking the QH idea remember its there rite to make the game how they want it so its all good.

    my cheers to blizz now again give those damn nightelfs some manly haircuts i can pick instead of the fag long hair look you did it withthe bloodelfs with the spikey or the windswept look pls for the love of god do it with the nightelfs cause thats the only reason i dont play them!

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