Doom Street Art

Via Joystiq, I found a fantastic set of photos on Flickr called “Tribute to id Software (Doom)”. Apparently some German guy in Berlin decided to perform some street art and decorate some rather dull billboards with Doom HUDs. Awesome stuff.

Of course whether these are real or just Photoshop fakes is another question. I really hope they are real as it would be a delight just to think of some poor driver passing one whilst heading home on the autobahn. Ah Doom… how I miss it.

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  1. I really hope that’s real, too. I don’t often think that graffiti and street art should be praised (I’m not one to condone vandalism), but that’s just plain neato.

  2. Ninjeroo says:

    That is brilliant.
    I’m actually flying out to Berlin in two weeks to spend Christmas and New Year there. Maybe I’ll schedule some time in to swing by one of these, although I’m not sure how long these are likely to be up for.

    Still, some of my old friends and former Doom players in Berlin will find this a hilarious thing to hear about.

    Nice one!

  3. Stabs says:


    I suspect photoshop though: it would be very easy to photoshop but pretty hard to actually do in real life. Make your own Doom poster, ok, but get on a ladder and paste it on in public? Hmm.

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