Arms Or Prot For Leveling?

The Warrior didn’t see much love in patch 3.3 which goes to show that either they are pretty well balanced already or Blizzard was just ignoring them. I reckon the former is probably the most likely as the class does seem to be pretty well rounded out at the moment and doesn’t need a lot of work done to it. In a strange move, however, Blizzard introduced new means to proactively encourage grouping (the new LFG system) but then gave Warriors the ability to learn the previously high level Victory Rush ability at level 6, thus increasing their DPS and encouraging them to follow the Arms talent tree, not the tanking one. Mixed signals or what?

Undead Warrior - Defensive Stance

Undead Warrior - Defensive Stance

Having a leveling 29 Warrior alt, I’m facing a bit of a conundrum now and don’t know how to spec. I’m currently following the Protection tree because I want to be a tank – it’s fantastic in groups and not that bad for soloing, although a tad slow. The big downsides for me though is that it’s currently pretty rubbish at PvP (until I can get Warbringer at 50) and the lack of interactivity makes it quite dull when playing alone – Arms is a lot more fun for soloing.

So what to do? Stick it out with Protection or respec to Arms? I’d hate to give up my ability to be a tank yet it’s certainly not the best talent tree for lower levels. It also seems like Blizzard are actively encouraging people to follow Arms until they get higher up in the game.

I’m definitely going to dual spec at level 40 (assuming I can afford it) and then my problems will be solved and I’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds: a full on tanking spec for groups and a nice, fast DPS spec for quest grinding. *sigh* Am I the only one who thinks 1,000g for enabling dual speccing is a tad ridiculous? Hopefully it will go the way of the mounts and drop considerable in price. Personally I think it should be available at level 30 for 100g. Hear me, Blizzard, for I hath spoken! Maketh it so!

P.S. After some deliberation I’ve decided to respec to Arms for the time being. The main reason behind the decision is that as long as my desktop computer is fubared (technical term) I really don’t think I’ll be running many groups on my laptop.

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  1. Longasc says:

    I just asked a friend and WoW Guru, and he made a well founded statement that answers your question in typical Warcraft PUG Lingo: LOL NOOB! GO ARMS!

    His idea was just to skip dungeons while levelling… but you don’t want to do that. Tricky, tricky… you CAN tank in Fury or Arms. The problem is you need a group with a quarter of a brain to make it work. A Warlock spamming Searing Pain gives you no chance, as does a trigger happy hunter.

    For tanking: IMO, forget tanking in the low level instances or let DK’s do it and play off-tank in Arms!

    Side comment: 1000g is nothing by now. It is a one time only fee. Sure, it is biased against NON-alts, really new players. That is the problem. A new player can make 1000 gold by level 60, but at level 40? This just makes them consider talking to a “friend from China”.
    There is one solution though: Just add goldsinks elsewhere and make respeccing a normal priced level 40 feature.

    • Gordon says:

      Ha! OK, I will go Arms :) Although the fact that grouping is so easy now does make things a little more complicated :)

      And yeah, 1,000g is fine if you have a high level character but I started a new alt on Horde so I’m stoney broke :(

  2. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    You need to go arms. At some point Prot becomes uber, but I didn’t start doing Prot spec till sometime in the 60’s leveling in BC stuff. Zerker is a lot of fun too, but you won’t be able to do that till level 10 I think, or maybe that’s 20, been a long time since I’ve played.

  3. Stabs says:

    I’m a little out of the loop but I always found arms great fun. Reduced charge cooldown was big for me for the kill loot charge playstyle.

    You can tank low level instances really well as Arms, in fact you can probably tank without a shield as long as you have a forgiving healer. The instances were designed for characters considerably less powerful (no glyphs, jewelry or trinkets, less powerful talents, weaker gear) and some of the bosses have been nerfed.

    If you need cash take miner/skinner and sell everything.

  4. Tesh says:

    This is good information. I keep meaning to go try an Undead Warrior to follow up on Ixo’s suggestion and Spinks’ seconding of the same.

    Someday when I have time…

  5. Bootleg says:

    As somebody who solo leveled a warrior from 1-80 not that long ago… If you’re looking to get to 80 the quickest way possible. Arms is the way to go until level 60 iirc. Once you reach 60 you respec prot. Prot, starting, at level 60 provides similar dps as arms but way more survivability. Once you hit 80, gear makes all the difference. Prot is for tanking, Arms is for sub-par dps gear and fury is for good dps gear.

    Fury is probably the most fun to play, but it’s incredibly gear dependent.

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