I’m A Freemason And I’m OK

This post has nothing to do with MMORPGs unless of course you believe that Freemasons control the development of MMOs (which we do) along with everything else in the world. As you’re reading this, I’ll probably be seated in some dusty old lodge in Glasgow watching my dad be re-initiated as Grandmaster, a prestigious honour to say the least.

George Washington Was A Freemason

George Washington Was A Freemason

I can’t say much about the Freemasons (I was sworn to secrecy on pain of death… although the severity of which wavers depending on how drunk I am and how good looking you are) other than that I was initiated when I was 21, in accordance with English ‘law’, into my mother lodge in London. I achieved the full rank of Master Mason of the 3rd degree two years later and I’ve been slowly climbing up the ranks ever since.

Although my lips are sealed and my hands at my side unless pressed to prove myself as per tradition, I will make three statements about something that occurred during my first initiation ritual: two of these statements are false, one is true and it’s up to you to guess which.

During my first initiation ritual, I:

  1. Fought a wild boar to the death, naked (and won obviously).
  2. Whilst blindfolded and disorientated, was asked if my trousers would fall down if my belt was removed (it was removed).
  3. My arse was paddled thrice by different men in time to me kissing a silver compass.

Any guesses?

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  1. Longasc says:

    There are secrets out there nobody should ever know. Have you read Dan Brown’s latest novel? It also deals a lot with Free Masons. I personally think 2. is correct.

    If Freemasons control the development of MMOs, I am seriously pissed. Why? So many crappy ones, and I can’t believe you want us all to play WoW. :>

  2. Jharek says:

    By the level, by the square, by the all-seeing eye – the craft Danny, the craft!!

  3. spinks says:

    It’s OK, you can find out all about the secrets of the freemasons online now :)

    I went to the big freemason hall in London last time there was an open day, and it was awesome. What really got me was that the names of the different lodges all sounded as though they could have been MMO guild names!

  4. Spinks – they are all MMO guilds as well…

    But yeah, the freemasonry secrets are all out there – I have the three first degrees (apprentice – master) in a book less than a meter away. It doesn’t make the Craft any less interesting. As a former member of a Freemasonry offshot organisation, it’s always fun to see other people interested and involved in initiatory orders. Interesting triva, Gordon. :)

    I think we could start up an awesome guild in TSW…

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, it’s very easy to find out about masonary although it won’t get you anywhere as you just can’t turn up and “fake” it. It’s strange though when you think that a couple of hundred years ago people were killed for giving away the secrets.

  5. If you’re a freemason, does that mean you’ll build me a house for no pay? :D

  6. guaka says:

    I just want to clear things up here. Number 1 is correct but the boar did actually survive but… he was… he was never the same…

  7. [...] to be a Scout any more (it would be a little creepy if I applied) but, as some readers may know, I am a Freemason which is basically the same thing as Scouting except for rich white men who control countries. [...]

  8. amyskury says:

    i will love to be a member if i know the way

  9. Flet says:

    are there any chat channels or corps within eve-online for freemasons that anyone is aware of? oh, deffinately 2

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