Need Suggestion For A High-Spec Game

With an imminent desktop upgrade looming, I’m pondering what games I should try out on it. Strangely enough, 2008 was a year for big hitters with heavy requirements that interested me (Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, BioShock, Mass Effect for example) yet 2009 has been relatively mild in comparison. Aion and Champions Online are both quite demanding but neither of them interest me and I haven’t seen many single player games with high system requirements that tickle my fancy either. This year I’ve mainly been playing less demanding games like World of Warcraft, EVE Online and Torchlight so I’d like to try out a game that really shows off my new PC. Anyone got any suggestions?

Of course, I’m tempted to install Age of Conan on the new PC just so I can see the glistening sweat roll off my tubby old bald men characters as I engage in battle, admiring their flab fly as they decapitate someone in full DX10 glory. I know AoC wouldn’t hold my interest for long though and a months subscription plus the pain of a 37 GB install and gigantic patches puts me off.

My system specs will be decent but not massively over the top (I’m not one of those guys who buys the latest CPUs and overclocks them just to squeeze out another 2fps in my games). I’m looking at an Intel i5-750 CPU, 4GB 1666MHz RAM, GeForce GTX 275, Asus P7P55D motherboard and Windows 7 64-bit. This is a significant enough upgrade over my old, and now dead, desktop and although I’m not expecting miracles, I’d like to see what it can do.

I’m considering trying out Champions Online as it’s an MMO that I think could be quite fun and demanding enough to give me a little thrill, y’know, down there when I see it run. WoW is fun ‘n all but it doesn’t quite provide the ga-ga factor that the more bueatiful games out there do.

2010 looks pretty slick in the games department though so maybe I should just hang in there and wait for the likes of Star Trek Online, Global Agenda, Mass Effect 2 and BioShock 2, all of which will be able to utilise my PC far more than WoW and EVE. But if you do have any suggestions for a good game, single player or MMO, that will show off a new computer though then please let me know. I have some ladies to impress. And by ladies, I mean guys. And by impress, I mean mildly bore as I geek out to the max.

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  1. says:

    Can’t suggest any game that you haven’t already mentioned yourself but
    With a 64bit OS you are selling yourself short with only 4GB ;D go big or go home amirite?
    imo at least 8GB

  2. Kyff says:

    How about Vanguard. What used to be ridicoulus requirements in 2007 should not be too much in 2009.

  3. Give borderlands a try. I’m not sure how high the system requirements are but I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about the game. Bonus points if you have a friend or 3 to play it with.

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